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Worthy Garden Club

Who we are

The Worthy Garden Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Bend, Oregon. Founded in 2015, we are a collective of business owners, entrepreneurs, energy specialists, agriculturists, scientists, and astronomers working together to teach our community to respect and protect the beauty of our planet. Through ties with educational institutions and local environmental groups, we are able to participate in important natural science research and deliver those results to the public. Our mission is to showcase the wonders of the planet (and beyond) while emphasizing the need to protect this special place we call home.

What we do

The garden club operates with two arms – one on the ground and one in the sky. Our greenhouse and hop yard serve as a base for all garden-related activities, hosting monthly activities during the summer to discuss everything from growing hops to bee keeping to composting to native landscaping.
Our small – but mighty – observatory brings the beauty of the cosmos to the public’s eye, raising science literacy through tours, educational programs, informal lectures, and night sky and solar viewings.
Together, we highlight sustainable life practices that help conserve our planet’s resources.

Visit our website and learn more here.