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The People are Frothing… It’s Gotta Be Worthy. Part 1

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The People are Frothing… It’s Gotta Be Worthy. Part 1

Wed, 25 Sep 2013 18:55:00

Where’s the moment? How do we get there? Once there can we stay there? How? And for how long? How do we string a bunch of moments together?  Are some more lasting while others are built on sand? Are some moments worthier? Is that even what we strive for — worthy moments? And what is “worthy,” anyway? 

And what does any of this have to do with beer? It’s just beer, right? Or is it? Is it an ethos? A way of life? A culture? Is beer even important? Is it essential? A privilege? a luxury? What’s it for? Is it a reward for a job well done? Is it a pharmaceutical? A neutraceutical? A sin? A portal? A measure of creativity, civility, or intelligence? Simple hydration? Sustenance?

Questions. What makes a beer worthy? Is it the way it was brewed and delivered? Is it the sum of the quality of the ingredients? Or is it all contingent on the mood, sophistication and the attitude of it’s consumer? Is it a mixture of romance and science?

Hmmm. For weighty issues like worthiness, it’s important to consult the experts. So I rounded up a blue ribbon panel of fellow frothers and put it to them: assuming that what you do, eat or drink has gotta be worthy (the flip side being yeah I drink sh** beer but don’t give a crap), how do you measure worthiness?

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The Rock Hard Guy
The Romantic Pragmatist
The Bust Out Guy
The Skeptic
The Been-to-Heaven-Hell-And-Back Guy
The Farm Fresh Gal
The Do or Die Guy
The Do It Again Guy
The Innocent Non-Guy
The Pollyanna Gal
So there you have it. Different strokes from different folks. Different, but each pursuing a semi-standard of worthiness in some form or fashion. Each for the most part seeking out a beer the quality of which is consistent with the perception of a higher, better self. And each having a bit of fun with their quest.




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