‘Scientists’ Second Warning to Humanity’ presented by Dr. William Ripple

Dr. Bill Ripple’s Presentation on How Wolves are Affecting Yellowstone National Park’s ecosystem

Worthy Brewing & Worthy Garden Club are sponsoring Dr. Bill Ripple’s ‘Warning to Humanity’ speaker series, which are held at various campuses including Willamette University, the University of Oregon, and The Old Church Concert Hall.

Ripple is a distinguished professor in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. In his presentation, he illustrates how he transitioned from Yellowstone to other national parks in western North America to demonstrate both the benefits of wild large predators and the costs of their demise. Ripple discloses how his conservation research and general concern about the global environment and climate change led to him publishing the letter ‘World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice.” This letter has reached millions of people, and is one of the most widely discussed and endorsed scientific articles of recent times.

On April 22nd, Earth Day, Ripple is joined by special guest Congressman Peter DeFazio, who will take the stage following Ripple’s presentation. He will discuss the fight to enact meaningful climate policy in Congress, and his directive as Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to investigate ways to address head-on the impacts of climate change.

This is event is FREE; please RSVP here.

See here for a sneak peek into Ripple’s documentary.

This event is brought to you by: University of Oregon, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center, Worthy Garden Club, Worthy Brewing & Oregon State University.