Worthy Brewing Dining Passport Series

Worthy’s Dining Passport Series

Take your tastebuds around the world with Worthy Brewing’s Dining Passport Series. These culinary experiences feature five-course dinners paired with Worthy Brewing’s specialty beers.

You can purchase tickets through BendTicket. Individual dinners are available for $65 per person. Please see the dates of each dining experience below and their respective culinary theme. Our fourth and final dinner is a trip to Peru! See menu details below.

Passport Dining Series Dinners:

February 22, 6:30-9pm (Italy)
March 15, 6:30-9pm (Spain)
April 26, 6:30-9pm (Thailand)
May 17, 6:30-9pm (Peru)

Single Dinner: $65

Taste of Peru Menu

First course

Pacific Northwest Ceviche with Halibut, Bay Shrimp, Chile, Pink Lady Apple, Sea Beans, Plantain Chips

Beer pairing: Sol Power Pilsner

Second course

Causa Terrine with Tre-fin Albacore Tuna, Casad Farms Potato, Farm Egg, Olive, Aji Amarillo, Kelp

Beer pairing: Strata IPA

Third course

Empanada with Fava Bean, Nettles, Bandon Dunes Cheddar, Uchucuta Tomato Sauce

Beer pairing: Secret Spot Pacific Pale


Cocoa-Quinoa Churro with Corn Flan, Chile, Cocoa Nibs, Almond

Fourth course

Arroz con Pato with Duck Confit, Lights Out Stout Rice, Salsa Chincho, Morels, Manzanita Blossom

Beer pairing: Lights Out Stout

Fifth course

Sweet Inca with Almond Dolche De Leche Roulade, Lucuma Panna Cotta, Passionfruit, Coulis, Cehichi Morada Caviar

Beer pairing: English Mild