Exoplanets and Beyond: Your Ticket to Infinity

​The Worthy Garden Club is proud to present the third chapter of our on-going series of Cosmic Chats with Dr. Scott Fisher, UO Physics Professor and Director of Pine Mountain Observatory.

In this two-pronged public-level presentation Dr. Fisher will talk about the biggest and most exciting astronomical discovery of our generation, exoplanets. In the last 15 years or so we’ve discovered over 3500 planets orbiting stars that are not the Sun. Even more amazing, astronomers now think that every star in the sky has – on average – one planets orbiting around it. This has completely changed our place in the Universe, Dr. Fisher will tell us how and why it is such a big deal.

In the second part of the hour long talk, Dr. Fisher will open up the floor to the audience for an always rousing game of “Stump the Astronomer!” So come prepared with your space and astronomy related questions ready and let’s have a fun and interactive evening with one of our favorite local astronomers.

Worthy Hop Mahal Banquet Room

Seating is limited!

Doors at 6pm

Talk at 7pm

Hopservatory viewing 8:30pm