Destination Zero: Buildings as catalysts to a clean energy reality

In Bend, 57% of our carbon emissions come from buildings. And energy use is the primary driver of those emissions.

But our buildings don’t have to be energy guzzlers. There are real-world ways to drastically reduce how much energy our buildings use and even bring it to zero.

Join us as we kick off the 2018 Green Tour. We’ll explore how our homes, workplaces, and government buildings can help us get to a low-carbon, clean energy future. Andrew Lee will make the case for zero energy buildings and show us how to get started through local and regional case studies.

This is a pivotal time for Bend—our climate legacy is being written right now as we dig into our very own climate action plan. We want to help our community explore all of the opportunities, big and small, to get us on the path to a low-carbon, clean energy future.

Real change happens when individuals come together in local communities to take bold action. Join us for our keynote presentation and the Tour so you can be a well-informed player that helps shape Bend’s climate legacy.

Our presenter: Andrew Lee, Director, Zero Energy Program, International Living Future Institute

Andrew Lee directs the Zero Energy and Zero Carbon certification programs for the International Living Future Institute. He provides key thought leadership on how buildings can catalyze a shift towards a clean and regenerative energy future and serve as an effective mechanism for climate action. His most recent work involved carbon emissions reduction policy and collaborating with over a dozen local governments in the US to develop policy roadmaps to achieve a zero energy building sector.

This event made possible by a collaboration with Worthy Brewing.

The Green Tour is presented by E2 Solar, Inc.