Worthy Brewing

Meet the Team

Tour of the Worthy Brewhouse

Here’s our Worthy Brew Team, hard at play, doing what they do best – brewing deliciously balanced beer.
Grown men and women having fun and working hard. Enjoy the trip.

Dustin Kellner – Brewmaster

Take a tour of the Brewery with Dustin, our Brewmaster. Check out our new tank farm. And a stunning cameo by Dustin’s lovely, pint-wielding wife, Heather.

Victoria Chaplin – Quality Assurance

​Watch as ‘Tori’ explains how she uses very sophisticated equipment to gauge whether every batch of Worthy Beer measures up to industry standards and hers.

​John Cooper – Packaging Manager

​’Super Coop’ shows off the Worthy Brewing canning line and our brand new German-made Krones canning machine and explains how his team gets it done.

Kevin Meyer – Brewer

​Our very own Kevin Meyer discusses the merits of centrifugal force by showing off our 7,800rpm Centrifuge. Only one of the keys to brewing clean, crisp, fresh, Worthy Beer.

Zach Brenneman – Head Brewer

​Come take a tour with our Head Brewer, Zach as he proudly shows off our 5 barrel Pilot brewing system, the system that allows our Brewing Team the freedom to try out different brews and push the flavor envelope by using new experimental hops such as the STRATA hop. “If you can think it, we can brew it!”