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Time To Tinker

Wed, 23 Oct 2013 18:55:00


Dustin Kellner, Head Brewer at Worthy, adding 10 varieties of fresh hops from the Worthy hop garden to our inaugural batch, the Triple Fresh IPA.

Feeding the Wunderkind while the Mothership hovers. We pour the Triple Fresh IPA this Friday, October 25th.
This week we celebrate our 100th batch of brew.  Chad, Dustin, and the boyz in the B-House have done an amazing job dialing in our 30 Barrel Mothership. Not a single bad batch, nothing down the drain, every drop balanced, consistent and tasty.
Now, it’s time to tinker.

It’s time to get crazy, let the muse run wild, take some risks, and stretch the imagination.  What happens if we add this unusual malt with that bizarre yeast using these unique hops, or spices, or berries, or peppers?

Answer: if it’s awful, we’ll chuck it, and keep fiddling.  If it’s quaffable, we’ll offer it at our pub, alongside our mainstays. If our regulars deem it outrageously yumm-delicious, we’ll graduate the precocious one-off to the Mothership for canning, bottling and the rest. Presto-Blammo! A star is born.

Announcing the baptism of our 5 barrel pilot system – a shiny little beauty we call the Wunderkind. She’s happy, healthy, and ready to send the love. And we couldn’t be prouder.

“This is a brewer’s dream come true,” raved Dustin Kellner, our Head Brewer. “We know we can brew true-to-recipe beers consistently, but the heart and soul of craft is experimentation. Now we have the freedom to explore and create brand new recipes.”

It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again. Worthy’s not about bringing sand to the proverbial beach. Mixing up the usual ingredients in new ways can yield stunningly savory results. That’s worthy, but what gets us pumped up is the prospect of adding  brand new, genetically unique ingredients to the mix, especially new hops coming out of the OSU-Indie Hops breeding program.

“We can’t wait to start brewing with the new hops OSU gave us,” said Dustin, noting that Worthy harvested cones from three of the new varieties from it’s own hop garden last month.  OSU and Indie Hops have about 50 new varieties that were spawned in 2009, several of which are ready for pilot brewing.

For our inaugural, break-in batch, Chad and Dustin are cooking up a an india pale ale that utilizes 10 varieties of fresh hops that we harvested from our hop garden. We’re naming it Triple Fresh IPA and we’ll be pouring it at our pub this Friday, October 25th.

After that, we’re going to play with a porter (Kawfee? Chocolate? Bourbon? Pumpkin?). Then a Belgian wit beer (new winter wheat variety from OSU?  Orange peel, coriander, etc.). And then a hopped up Pilsner showcasing brand new Sazzer-inspired spicy hops from the OSU-IH program.

A special shout out to our friends at Marks Design and Metal Works in Vancouver, Washington, the inventors of our 2 vessel, 5 barrel Wunderkind. The quality of their work is unmatched and they’ve been a joy to work with. Marks created a similar system for our friends down South at Stone Brewing, a little outfit renown for pushing the envelope.

We have 24 taps at our pub and our goal is to offer at least 4 one-off, madly delicious pilot beers daily.  We’ll keep you posted on what’s cooking on our chalkboard.



Dustin getting a whiff of whole hop goodness from a batch of brand new hops courtesy of OSU/IH.

We dry hopped our first pilot brew with a potpourri of fresh hops plucked from our own garden. Farm to kettle in about 10 minutes

“The possibilities are endless.”

Watching the pot boil, as the muse ponders.