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Worthy IPA Deemed Worthy

Thu, 25 Sep 2014 18:55:00


Draft magazine recently judged Worthy’s IPA and gave it a 96.

What’s a 96?

Here’s how Worthy IPA stacks up against other great beers.

Oregon brewed IPAs

Worthy IPA 96
Caldera IPA 94
Gigantic 93
Pelican India Pelican Ale 93
Laurelwood Hop Monkey 91
Widmer Broken Halo 90
Bridgeport IPA 90
Full Sail IPA 90
Hub IPA 89
Ft George Vortex 89
Goodlife Descender 85
Deschutes Inversion 85

Supra Oregon brewed IPAs

Russian River Blind Pig 95
Firestone Walker Union Jack 98
Redhook Long Hammer  90
Hale’s Ales Mongoose 85
21st Amendment Brew Free! 88
Ballast Point Sculpin 97
Green Flash West Coast IPA 88
Lagunitas IPA 92
Moylan’s 89
Big Sky IPA 93
Alaskan IPA 93
Maui Big Swell 91
Deviant Dale’s IPA 96
Racer 5 IPA 96
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale 95
New Belgium Ranger IPA 91
Stone IPA 96
Sierra Nevada Torpedo  95
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin 87

Congratulations Chad, Dustin and everyone in the brewhouse.

Not too shabby!

Here’s a link to the review in Draft Magazine.





Can We? Yes. Will We? Yes. But When?

Sun, 07 Jul 2013 18:55:00

Can we can? Yes, we can.

Our Vimercati canning machine is ready to produce over 3,500 cans per hour.

Our beer’s ready.  We’ll be canning Worthy IPA, East Side Pale Ale, Kolsch and Lights Out Stout.

Our cartons are ready. Our labels are ready. Our team is ready.  Our grocery store and bottle shop accounts are ready.

The sun’s shining.  You’re having fun hiking, biking, boating, floating, touring and chillaxin.  And you’re working up a mighty thirst. And you want Worthy.

So when can you enjoy Worthy beer in a 12 oz. can?

Answer: when we get our … cans.

To paraphrase King Richard III, “My kingdom for a can!”

We were originally set to crank up our Italian engineered “Maserati” of canning lines in late July.  You don’t want to hear excuses any more than we want to detail them.  But we ran into a few hiccups with The Feds over the labels, had to tweak a word here, an image there, and were all set to pull the trigger but ran into a hitch with our can supplier on the color quality.  We’re getting that fixed, pronto.




Drats! That’s the sound of can-do “Beer.Boom.Done.” bravado colliding violently with the cool, quiet calmness of Beetopianism.

Bottom line: Mid August.  We’ll be rolling out our Worthy IPA and East Side Pale first.  Soon after that we’ll be canning our Lights Out Stout and Kolsch.  Check out the labels.

We’re very excited to get the show on the road. Our very first purchase — even before we poured our foundation for our brewery-restaurant — was our Mother of All Craft canning lines. We selected the Vimercati because of it’s sterling record for quality.  And we’re big believers in the hop flavor preservation, recyclability, tote-ability and chill-ability benefits of cans.

But we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, enjoy your hikes, bikes, boats and floats. And imagine an ice chest, or cooler, or back pack full of Worthy’s finest canned beers waiting for you at the end of the trail.

Oh, for a listing of accounts which carry Worthy beer on draft, please click here.







“Worthy Brewing: Best. IPA. Ever.” — John Foyston

Mon, 06 May 2013 18:55:00


Not much left to say about that, other than “Thank you, John.”

For those of you who may not know his work, John Foyston has been an authority, if not The Authority, on craft beers since the mid 1990s.  John writes for the Portland Oregonian. He’s tasted a lot of beer, written about alot of beer, and we think he’s got very good taste.

And thanks to our Brewmaster Chad Kennedy and Head Brewer, Dustin Kellner. These two workhorses have brewed together for years but oddly enough here at Worthy they’re just getting started.  We can’t wait to get our pilot brew system up and running.  You want something new and different? Just you wait.

A good day here at Worthy, with many more to come. Or as we like to say around here: not too shabby!