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World’s Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency

On November 5th, Dr. Ripple’s new article was published in BioScience. Since then it’s received over 57 million hits and is being covered by leading international news organizations.

Politicians are starting to listen. When we hosted Dr. Ripple for the first time over a year ago and threw our support behind his research, we never imagined how quickly his message would spread.

We are so proud of Dr. Ripple’s research and are even more inspired to continue the fight!

Read the full article HERE


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What Wolves Can Tell Us About the World’s Health

Tue, 29 May 2018 18:55:00

Fellow Worthlings:

On behalf of the Worthy Garden Club, you and yours are invited to attend this compelling lecture:


“What Wolves can tell us about the World’s Health: How the Yellowstone Experiment Led to the Second Warning to Humanity.”

Presented by Dr. Bill Ripple, Oregon State University
Sponsored by The Worthy Garden Club
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 @ 7 pm
Worthy Brewing Co. / Bend, Oregon

The Worthy Garden Club is excited to sponsor the important work Dr. Bill Ripple,the distinguished professor of ecology in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University. His latest research involves studying the conservation of megafauna (large carnivores and large herbivores) around the world.

​He recently published “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, A Second Notice,” which rapidly spread around the globe and garnered over 20,000 endorsements, the most widely supported scientific journal ever.

The overwhelming support led to the formation of the “Alliance of World Scientists.” The AWS is a new grass roots international assembly of scientists whose mission is the prevention of widespread misery caused by catastrophic damage to the biosphere through the adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable practices.


Dr. Ripple will present his work on how the re-introduction of wolves in the Yellowstone National Park impacted the health of the ecosystem. Ripple will illustrate how he transitioned from Yellowstone to other national parks in western North America and beyond to demonstrate both the benefits of large mammals and the costs of their demise.

He will disclose how his conservation research and general concern about the global environment and climate change led to him writing the ” Second Notice,” which follows up on the seminal work by Carl Sagan, E.O. Wilson et al in 1992. As a health check-up for planet Earth, this provocative article has reached millions of people and is one of the most widely discussed and endorsed scientific articles of recent times.

More than simply diagnosing the problems, Dr. Ripple offers numerous small to large scale changes we as individuals and a society can pursue now, immediately, in order to reverse the dismal trends.

Please join us.

Grant Tandy, grant@worthygardenclub.com
541.647.6970 ext 220

The Admission is Free.

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