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Gary’s In The House! Stage Set at Worthy for TDC Pre-Ride Party

Fri, 30 Jun 2017 18:55:00

On July 7th, Worthy Brewing will again host the Tour Des Chutes packet pick-up party. Participants can enjoy a complimentary pint of the 5th annual “Gary’s No Quit Wit,” brewed in honor of living legend Gary Bonacker, the resilient founder of the 13th annual TDC.

“Gary’s one of a kind. He’s charming, hilarious, sweet and tough as a ten cent steak,” said Roger Worthington, the founder of Worthy Brewing.

“The best part of my summer is the Tour Des Chutes, not only because I love the ride, the solidarity and the hope and help it sends, but also because we get to brew another batch of my favorite summer beer – Gary’s No Quit Wit. The guy’s a beauty and we’re darn lucky to have him around.”

The “Gary’s in the House” party starts at 11 a.m. and goes to 9 p.m.  Worthy urges you to get there early to avoid the long lines. Last year the TDC drew over 1,500 bike riders and 200 runners. This year promises to be even bigger. The TDC will be taking bids on several high value and special items. The auction will close around 2pm on Saturday.

Live music on Worthy’s new “Drink Up Dream On” soundstage, featuring Parlour, will also be provided. And Gary will be on hand of course to chat, belly laugh, offer encouragement and sign the annual “Gary’s No Quit Wit” poster. This year’s art features Gary, ever the jokester, as a godfatherly cross between Evel Knieval and Elvis Presley.

The 13th Annual Tour Des Chutes will launch early Saturday morning, July 8th.  Worthington will again emcee the game day festivities.

Worthy Brewing is located on 495 NE Bellevue Drive, Bend, OR 97701

Tour des Chutes was founded in 2005 by Bend resident, business owner and cancer survivor, Gary Bonacker, in order to fund St. Charles’ Cancer Center survivorship programs. More recently, Tour des Chutes has also dedicated funds to the Pediatric Foundation, a Bend nonprofit that provides direct financial support to families who have a child with cancer.

For more information about Tour des Chutes, visit www.tourdeschutes.org. For information about Worthy Brewing, visit www.worthybrewing.com or call Eric at 541-647-6970.

Tour des Chutes founder, Bend resident, business owner and cancer survivor, Gary Bonacker.

Support the TDC and Celebrate Survival with Gary’s No Quit Wit

Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:55:00


Yes. We think so. Bend’s own Gary Bonacker. One of the loveliest guys on the planet. And strongest and…

… orneriest. When he was diagnosed with brain cancer 12 years ago, he didn’t crawl into a hole. He didn’t retreat. He got busy fighting back and giving back. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t just talk about living life to the fullest. He does it. Each and every breath. Each and every day.

Gary Bonacker: Super Survivor. And Giver. And Smiler.

Worthy Brewing is proud to again sponsor the Tour Des Chutes. This will be the 12th year. Each year, it gets bigger and better. This year the TDC decided to let the runners in on the fun. We’re predicting 1,500 pedalers and another few hundred plodders, padders and pounders.

We’re cooking up another Gary’s No Quit Wit to commemorate our superhero. By the way, Gary does NOT think of himself as a superhero. He did not suggest the artwork. He probably would’ve objected but he’s wise enough to know that resistance is futile when it comes to how we regard him.

This year’s No Quit Wit will be amazing. With the addition of lemon, coriander and orange to the batch we don’t think there will be any need to hang an orange or lemon wedge on the lip of the pint glass. It should be plenty citrusy, crisp and refreshing.

We’re pleased to offer a complimentary pint of Gary’s No Quit Wit to riders, runner and volunteers. If you haven’t already signed up, don’t hesitate. The Tour Des Chutes is one of those signature events that makes you proud to live in a community of humans who are striving to live up to their high-minded billing as Homo sapiens. The TDC is put on mostly by wise volunteers who simply care. Nearly 100% of the proceeds go to local programs to directly benefit cancer patients and survivors. Now that’s worth supporting and celebrating.

To register for the TDC, or to learn more, please click here.

On Friday, July 10th, from 6p-8pm, here at Worthy Brewery, Restaurant and Gardens we’ll be celebrating Gary, the volunteers and all the participants in Worthy’s bier garten. We’ll have live music from Greg Botsford and of course plenty of space for the younger (and adult) kids to frolick and corn hole (always feel weird about that down home nomenclature).

Come on down. Super Gary will be on hand to sign posters. He promises not to wear his tights. We’ll see about the cape.




It’s a bird, it’ s a plane, it’s a home brewer add’n grain…Yep, that’s our Gary, working the Worthy pilot system, spicing up his namesake wit.

Good Gruit! And there’s Gary again, armed with big juicy lemons and oranges. Mash ’em up and mash in!

Gary can fix just about anything.

A worthy fun ride and fun-raiser deserves a Worthy beverage.

Gary on stage with his buddy Chris Horner and his fan R. Worthington at the 2013 TDC.

Gary’s No Quit Wit: Live the Life

Tue, 09 Jul 2013 18:55:00


In cycling parlance there’s no greater goal than simply “living the life.”  When you’re riding well, feeling good, getting faster, and enjoying the ride, when riding becomes a form of meditation, transcendence, and time travel, then you’re closing in on that vaunted dream of “living the life.”

Gary Bonacker, despite having brain cancer for the last decade, is in his own wonderful and powerful way, living the life.  Instead of retreating, he’s bravely going forward.  Instead of resentment, his heart is full of good cheer. Instead of going sour, he’s grateful for the promise of better days ahead.

At Worthy, we salute Gary Bonacker and the spirit he embodies. He’s going for the gold, and he’s giving back.  To honor Gary’s spirit, Worthy has brewed a special beer: Gary’s No Quit Wit, a true to style Belgian wit.

Gary’s No Quit Wit is the perfect beer to cap off an exhilarating ride, walk, run, hike, or day in the garden. Straw-colored and cloudy, this crisp, tart and refreshing wit is as good as it’s aroma suggests.  You know it’s good when the aroma itself is so blissful you can sit your drink down and “chew on it.” We used a special blend of coriander, orange peel and other herbs to spice up the flavor. It goes down smooth with a spicy, tangy, and dry finish that calls out for more.

For every case sold, Worthy will donate $2 to the Tour des Chutes, the charity bike ride that Gary created 8 years ago.  The TdC donates the proceeds from the ride, which is held on June 13th in Bend, Oregon, to the St. Charles Cancer Survivorship Program. You can enjoy a great beer and help give back to a worthy cause.

As you can see, we adorned Gary with the coveted polka dot jersey, which in major stage races (such as the Tour de France) is awarded to the cyclist who wins the most intra-race mountain top sprints.  To win that jersey, the rider has to put his entire heart, soul and body into conquering not only outrageously steep climbs, but also suppressing fear, pain and agony.

Gary is doing just that.  So here’s a toast to Gary Bonacker! May he continue to “dance on the pedals” with a smile on his face and a fire in his belly.

Where Can you Buy Gary’s No Quit Wit?

Worthy will be selling Gary’s No Quit Wit in 22 oz bottles on July 24th at selected retailers in the State of Oregon only.

You can enjoy Gary’s No Quit Wit on draft at Worthy Brewing in Bend, Oregon.  We will tap the beer on July 10th at noon.  At around 6:30pm, Gary will be here for a special toast. Please join Worthy Brewing, Gary and the Tour des Chutes team for this epic event.  No quit. No excuses. Just a steadfast passion for living well.







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Gary’s No Quit Wit – Go Hard, Give Back

Thu, 27 Jun 2013 18:55:00

Gary Bonacker does not know the meaning of the word “quit.” When the chips were down, when some might have counted him out, he’s found a way to keep going, with a smile.  He keeps going because he loves life, wants more of it, and wants to keep giving back.

You know his story. Gary was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2003.  People, that’s ten years ago!  After multiple surgeries, and rounds of chemo and radiation, and seizures, he’s still thriving, still smiling, and still optimistic that his best days are yet to come.

As he puts it, he doesn’t want to be known as “the Cancer Guy.” He’d rather be known as “the guy who loves to ride bikes.” Added to which, he’s the big-hearted, affable guy who in 2005 established the Tour des Chutes.

At Worthy Brewing, we are proud to celebrate Gary’s indomitable spirit of going for the gold and giving back. As a tribute, on July 10th, we will be tapping our Gary’s No Quit Wit.

Gary’s No Quit Wit is a Belgian-style wheat ale that’s brewed with a proprietary blend of aromatic spices. This effervescent “white” ale is the quintessential summer brew. Smooth, crisp and refreshing, Gary’s No Quit Wit is the perfect beverage after a blissful ride on your bike.

For every pint of No Quit Wit sold from July 10 -14th, Worthy will donate $1 to the Tour Des Chutes, which in a few short years has gained national prominence as a challenging and inspiring charity ride.

On game day, July 13th, Worthy will be baking a special “Polka Dot” pizza on Gary’s behalf.  For you non-cyclists, the polka dot jersey is awarded in stage races to the best mountain climber. He’s that skinny guy you see gritting his teeth, out of the saddle, eyes fixed on the road ahead, pushing himself desperately but exuberantly beyond the limit.

The day after, on Sunday, July 14, we will have a special presentation in the Worthy Bier Garten in which we will present to Gary on the TdC’s behalf a check in the amount of our total donation.  So, order Gary’s No Quit Wit and enjoy a great beer, celebrate a great man, and invest in a beautiful event.

Thank you Gary Bonacker, the bike, garden, grit-and-bear-down guy. Thank you Tour des Chutes, the best charity ride in the Pacific Northwest. And thank you St. Charles Cancer Center for helping so many Oregonians with cancer thrive


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