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Stoker Red On Fire

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:55:00

Worthy’s new release, Stoker Red Ale, continues to light it up. We released this hoppy red ale a few months ago in 12 ounce cans to fill the need for drinkable reds that deliver a crafty hop punch.

Based on retail and draft sales, and customer feedback, we are stoked.

At the Earth Day Brewshed Brewfest last week in Springfield, the people spoke.  They awarded Stoker Red first place in the inaugural brewfest against 17 other brews.

The Brewshed Brewfest was sponsored by the Oregon Brewshed Alliance in an effort to raise money for Oregon Wild, a non-profit working hard to keep our waters wild, fresh, pristine and brewable. It’s no secret that a key ingredient to Oregon’s craft beer success has been the availability of crystal clear, snow-melt water.

“It feels good to get the recognition, but it feels great to support a worthy cause,” said R. Worthington, the founder. “We’re big fans of fresh water. That’s why we insist that our hop suppliers comply with the standards set by another non-profit, Salmon Safe, which sets guidelines for eliminating run-off from farms into streams and tributaries.”

What was it about Stoker Red that warmed the hearts our watershed loving friends? An unofficial survey yielded an appreciation of its malty caramel sweetness, it’s piney, woody, citrusy and earthy aroma (all of the above), it’s pleasant hop bitterness, it’s bubbly mouthfeel and it’s smooth, dry finish.

As one guest said: It’s “shareworthy.”

Plus, for the record, it must be noted that it raining outside, as usual, and a red just seemed to warm the cockles.

Worthy congratulates the 17 breweries who participated in the event and salutes their efforts to keep Oregon’s rivers wild and clean.

Stoked to fill this Hearty Wooden Vessel with Worthy Stoker Red!
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Coming soon to cans … Stoker Red Ale

Tue, 31 Jan 2017 18:55:00


​Worthy Brewing is adding a fifth can to their  stellar line-up this spring. Introducing Stoker Red Ale, a beer designed to stoke the passions of hop and malt lovers. Stoker Red will be available in 12 ounce cans this April.

Several months ago Worthy put on hold Eruption Imperial Red, a move that left a hole in Worthy’s diverse portfolio. Brewmaster Dustin Kellner decided to fill that gap with a more sessionable red that contains many of the same ingredients.

For bittering, Kellner added Nugget and Horizon. And for aroma and flavor, he added Oregon workhorses Cascade and Centennial and topped it off with Mandarina Bavaria, a German hop whose mother is Cascade. The final numbers should come in around 6.6% ABV and 66 IBU.

“Passionate about hoppy reds?  Stoker is fuel for your firebox,” said Roger Worthington, Worthy Brewing’s Founder.  “Stoker Red Ale has a tantalizing lemon and tangerine aroma and flavor with a satisfying malt sweetness. Like Eruption, it sports the same citrusy flavor and amazing balance, without the big in your face numbers.”

The can will feature a swarthy brewer in his rubber boots stoking the kettle with a shovel piled high with big juicy hop cones. Kegs will be distributed by Columbia Distribution in Oregon and Washington, Hodgen Distributing in Eastern Oregon, and by Hayden Beverage in Idaho.