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Calling All Hop Pickers

Fri, 20 Jun 2014 18:55:00

Worthy’s looking for a few good pickers.

2014 promises to produce a banner hop harvest here at Worthy. So far the hops are right on schedule, with our Chinooks, Sterling, Santiam and Nuggets the first to reach the top of the 12 foot trellis wire.

In 2013, we planted over 20 hop varieties, including three experimental plants from the OSU-Indie Hops aroma hops breeding program.  The OSU-IH “magic hops” are looking very strong. Jack in the Beanstock strong.

We are expecting about 6-7 pounds of fresh hops per mound. For a second year harvest from an urban farm on the East Side of Bend and not too far West of the Badlands Wilderness area, we’re hoppy with that.

We will start picking in late August and will likely harvest our last hop in early September.  We’ll pick no hop before it’s time, so those precious hop oils will fully mature. More oil, better flavor.

Worthy will be pleased to provide beer and lunch to those hearty hop lovers who wish to participate in this sacred tradition. We will dry a portion of the fresh cones, and use the rest in our 5 barrel pilot system.

If interested, and you can climb a ladder, and have reasonably good balance, and are not afraid to get scratchy (hop bines are stickery!), please email our hop gardner, Lisa Kronwall, at Lisa@worthybrewing.com.  We’ll let you know when the noble flowers are ready for plucking.

Please, for your own good, no flip-flops and board shorts. We recommend long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and gloves. We don’t want you tossing and turning all night with a bad case of the hop scratchies.