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Go Time GTX

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Go Time! Gone.

Mon, 25 Feb 2013 18:55:00



Our inaugural Worthy batch, Go Time or GTX, is gone, all 55 barrels. We appreciate your support and Worthy taste. We may revive it later if Chad and Dustin can remember the recipe. Have to say, the success of our baptismal batch is a strong omen for good things to come.

In a few weeks, we hope to have all of our fermentation and conditioning tanks in place.  After that, it’s full tilt. We’re on schedule to begin canning and bottling in June. Can’t wait to rev up our Maserati of canning lines. That baby’s going to hum.

Also, we want to give a big Worthy Welcome to our recent brew house hire, Jacob Zuchowski. Jacob comes in with a strong pedigree, having interned at Three Creeks Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Hangar 24 Brewing and Firestone Walker Brewing.  The Big Zuchowski is a distinguished graduate of the UC Davis Master Brewers program. When not brewing, he’s either sleeping or bowling.