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Worthy Unfurls New Kitchen, New Menu, New Vibe

Wed, 02 Oct 2013 18:55:00


Food lovers, we have heard you.  We have taken your praise, as well as your criticism, to heart. The things you have liked, we have tried to make better.  The things you haven’t so much, we have tried to correct.   Our mission, as always, remains the same:  we want to offer you food and a dining experience that matches the standard imbedded in our name.  In short, it’s gotta be Worthy.
You have asked for fries.  We have installed two new fryers, using a blend of canola and soybean oil.  We can now offer you garlic herb, chili cheese, sweet potato and beer battered fries. Goodbye Kettle Chips.

You have asked for quicker turn around times and hotter food. We have added another 800 square feet to our kitchen, and filled it with all sorts of nifty equipment that will insure that your meal will be served piping hot, and pretty damn quick.


Wide World of Worthy Fries: sweet potato, chili cheese, beer battered and garlic herb. Goes great with football, fingers, beer and a killer appetite.
You have asked for fresh fish.  Boy, have we listened. We will be showcasing one of the most delicious fish species on the planet – Steelhead. A variety of trout, we think Steelhead is “the best salmon you’ll ever taste.”  And it’s less expensive and more plentiful.

Our new menu features Steelhead in three items: the flame-broiled Steelhead Sando, the Blackened Steelhead tacos, and the Worthy Steelhead fillet platter.


Steelhead Sando – Our Founder’s Favorite. Your all alone on an island forever food.

Blackened Steelhead tacos — spicy, tasty, loaded with colorful anti-oxidants.

Steelhead Filet with fresh veggies and chunky mashed potatoes.
You have asked for more soup and salad varieties. We have added a hearty Cobb Salad to our menu, as well as an upgraded warm beet salad.  In addition to our tasty Coconut Clam Chowder, we will be offering new and creative soups daily.
You have asked for prime rib.  We are pleased to offer you the Big Dipper, a sumptuous pile of sliced prime rib smothered in Swiss Cheese and caramelized onions on a hoagie with our special au jus.  We are offering a Turkey Dip as well, with or without bacon.

Warm Beet Salad. Crunchy, crisp, deelish. The beet goes on…

The Big Dipper with fries and au jus. Out of this world.

Prime Rib dinner – we will be offering this deluxe meal every Saturday Night. Big enough for two. Fish specials on Fridays.

You have asked for wings, hot wings, even blazing hot wings.  We have listened.  How about this: eight chicken drumettes (imagine a mini-drumstick) fire-powered with our own habanero sauce.  Yes, we grow habaneros in our greenhouse, along with other peppers and herbs. You’ll need a cold worthy to cool down the pipes.


Meaty Hot Wings – all legs no rudders. Goes great with beer, period.
You have asked for more dessert varieties, especially for the kids.  We are pleased to the point of feeling semi-guilty to offer you the Jack Zooki, which you just have to try to believe.  Imagine a home made chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal cookie warmed in a crock supporting two delicious mounds of ice cream, drizzled with your choice of caramel, marionberry or chocolate stout.  Like a S’more but more!


Are you ready for the Jack Zooki? Warning – stifles conversation, promotes yumms, ooohs, ahhs and the occasional squeal.
You have asked us not to touch the Reuben. We haven’t. We did give it a name – the East Side Reuben, our way of saying “thank you” to all of our regular guests who live out here on the other side of the tracks. Speaking of the East Side, please sample our Highway 20 Pork Tacos.
We will continue to offer a variety of meaty, herby and veggie Worthy wood-fired pizzas, baked with the freshest ingredients, many of which we grow ourselves.

To check out our new and improved menu, please click here

So there you have it.  A new menu, a new kitchen, and a renewed commitment to worthiness by our battle-tested and gung-ho staff.  As we look back on the first seven months since we opened our doors, through thick and thin, we continue to be grateful for your support.  Your feedback, in a word, feeds us, and fuels us, to strive each day to get better . . . to get worthier.


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Simplify, Streamline, Satisfy

Thu, 18 Apr 2013 18:55:00

What started out as a tasting room evolved into a pizzeria that is now aching to bust out as a farm-fresh full-service foodtopia.

They say big things come in small packages.  So true. The volume and succulence of  the dishes generated from our WW2 submarine-sized galley continues to amaze and impress.  Every day we get up with the proverbial fire in the belly to deliver artisanal pizzas, sandwiches, salads and entrees that leave traditional notions of “pub food” in the dust. Our goal is nothing less than “Worthy fare,” a cuisine that titillates and delights at the same time it’s doing the body good.

And yet, to live up to our own outrageously high expectations, in the two months since we’ve been open it’s happily evident that our “little kitchen that could” needs to expand. To be sure, our nimble, dexterous and clever foodsters can handle the pressure. They don’t mind the occasional welt, bruise or burn when the action gets hot, tight and close. These are trained professionals, as graceful as ballerinas with the raw power of Australian footballers.

But our customers have spoken. They want more, and we must deliver.  It’s only been two months since our doors swung open, but it’s time to grow. Not get big. But get better.  Time to consistently deliver food that is commensurate with our beer. In short, it’s time for Worthy’s flowering foodtopia to match Worthy’s limitless beertopia.

In the next month, Worthy will be expanding our kitchen space. More ovens, more grills, more prep space, and a workable system for insuring that the sumptuous platters are served piping hot.  The construction will be surgical.  We’ll work in the wee hours.  We’ll work when the sun’s coming up. The build-out shouldn’t upset the normal flow of rainbow-colored food from the kitch.

In the spirit of inspired progress, this Friday we’ll be offering a revised menu that focuses on our best recipes.  Wood-fired artisanal pizzas will continue on as our mainstay. We’ll call up a few promising standouts, such as a pork verde taco, a piled high pork sando, a pan seared salmon with mashed potatoes and veggies (mouth watering yet?), and a new chicken sando with bacon and Tillamook Pepperjack. We’ll send a few players back to the minors until the lights come on in our new stadium.

Now here’s the part where I pitch my favorite Worthy victual: The Irish Pizza. Now, now. It hasn’t moved quite as nicely as we anticipated. Perhaps it’s the name. But this is the pizza that inspired Worthy to launch into the stratosphere from it’s Van Gogh inspired Starry Night wood fired oven.

Potatoes on pizza sounds off. That’s because you’re imagining cubes, or chunks, or tots, or hash, or whatever.  We thinly slice our Yukons, like kettle chips. The crispy pancetta seals the deal.






For a sneak preview of Worthy’s revised menu which will go live on Friday, April 19, please click here.  As always, eat, drink and be Worthy
One last thing: oven roasted Brussels sprouts. We’ve canvassed our customers. Like them al dente, others like them soft inside. We can try to shoot for something in between, but in the end, each customer’s taste expectations are different.  Just let your server know how you like ‘em, and our chefs will accommodate.

Enough talk. Let’s eat.