Worthy Brewing

Farmhouse Saison

Bombs Away!

Thu, 17 Oct 2013 18:55:00

Worthy Breaks Out the Bottles

Worthy took another big step closer to Beertopia today with the successful operation of its shiny new bottling line. In our inaugural run, we cranked out 6 pallets of 22 ounce bombers of our Imperial IPA and Farm House Saison. For those of you keeping score, that’s about 4,320 bottles, all in a few hours, with zero loss. Hum batta!

“It’s been our vision from the git-go to both can and bottle Worthy beer in Year One,” said Master Brewer Chad Kennedy. “With the activation of our new top-of-the-line bottling machine, we’re off to a great start and ahead of schedule. ”

Last month Worthy began canning with it’s state-of-the art, Italian-made Vimercati magic machine. “If that’s the Maserati of canning lines,” joked Chad, “our 3003 Bier bottling machine is the Ferrari.  Fully automated. 12 filler heads, purges flavor-killing oxygen not once but twice. We’re totally stoked. We have the capacity to bottle 3000 12 oz bottles in an hour. That’s whiz bang fast. Best of all, there’s not another system out there that locks in the flavor like the 3003.”

Chris Hodge, Worthy’s CEO, chimed in. “Around here quality is everything, from the finest ingredients, to the highest precision equipment, to the best packaging. It costs more to bottle and can onsite with your own equipment, but the investment is worth it. We can bottle or can according to our brew schedule in response to our customer’s needs, using our equipment, relying on our people, with uncompromising committment to the highest standard of care.”

“From the brew side, owning our equipment provides that freedom and flexibility that we all dream about. And for the consumer, it gives that extra confidence that when you drink a Worthy you’ll know that you’re getting what you paid for – a worthy beer from start to finish, where every ingredient is hand selected and every beer is personally packaged.”

Worthy’s Imperial IPA and Farm Out Saison are available today in select stores and bottle shops. To recap, in the past several weeks hundreds of craft beer specialty retailers and mainline chain retailers in Oregon and SW Washington have been stocking our cans of Worthy IPA, Easy Day Kolsch and Worthy Pale Ale.  Be sure to ask for our Worthy portfolio wherever you shop. If they don’t currently stock our beers, make sure you let them know you’d prefer a Worthy beverage.

In the next few months, Worthy will also be bottling it’s Eruption Imperial Red, the tantalizingly smooth Big Red that everyone’s talking about.  Also, we’ll be canning our seductively tasty Lights Out Stout in 12 ounce cans next week.  We’re also brewing a winter seasonal, the Powder Keg, which we’ll release in 22 oz bombers at about the time the snow sticks on the East Side of Bend.

We encourage you to drink Worthy and let us know what you think. Your feedback is important. So feed yourself a Worthy, snap a shot and share. Bottles up and can do.