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Cascade Cycling Race Fans: Get Hopped Up!

Wed, 25 Jun 2014 18:55:00

Normally, Worthy’s all about balance. But when it comes to the imperials, Worthy likes its big beers like it likes a criterium bike race: totally hopped up!

We really don’t want to watch a bunch of grown men in tights casually riding around in a circle. We want to see big, bold action: lung-busting attacks, epic bridges, out-of-body solo efforts, and crowd-energizing desperate breakaways.

In short, we want to see hopped up racers.  Athletes who throw caution to wind. Redliners who give more than they got, who go to failure, but seem to find a way to replenish the tanks. We want to see animated racers-cum-super heroes who attempt the impossible.

In that hard-charging spirit, as a sponsor of the 2014 Cascade Cycling Classic, Worthy is pleased to introduce the Most Hopped Up Racer award.  We’ll be giving out a customized Worthy jersey along with cold cash at the Downtown Twilight Criterium on July 19th.

We’ve selected three categories: the Category 2 race, the 35/45+ race, and the marquis event, the Men’s Pro 1 race, which begins at 7 pm in downtown Bend.

Now choosing the most hopped up rider, which is basically the same as “most aggressive,” or in my lexicon, “most combative,” is a subjective thing. I’ll be on the announcer’s stand with Splinter Wren to help pick the winner. But our panel of judges will include a few guys who know a thing or two about high-testosterone, smash mouth, stuff-the-punks-in-the-hole competition.

We are pleased to include on our Hopped Hop Expert Panel two home-grown Superbowl Champions, Mike Walter, who won three rings with the San Francisco 49’ers, and Kevin Boss, who won a ring with the New York Giants. It takes a gladiator to know one, and these guys know what it’s like to win in the Biggest of the Big Games, against the Baddest of the Bad. C’mon down during the event, get an autograph and selfie. They won’t bite!

Also, Worthy will be sponsoring the prologue, which kicks off the 35th Annual CCC on July 15th. The prologue is a 2.5 mile race against the clock on a twisty, turny course that will require raw power and deft bike handling. The prologue begins at 6 pm at the Tetherow Golf Club.

Worthy will have a tent at the start/finish line with plenty of Easy Day, IPA and Imperial Eruption on tap. Whether you want to talk Big Rings or Big Beers, there will be plenty of like-minded sports enthusiasts to bench race with, from whippet thin endurance dogs to burly, bar banging field sprinters.

Come on down.  The CCC is the best and oldest stage race in America. Every year it attracts the top racers in the country. Worthy is pleased to help support the race that laid the foundation for Bend’s national reputation as a cycling mecca. And beertopia.

For more about the race, or to register, click HERE.

Drink Up. Dream on.

Roger Worthington


Hit Fit! Oregon’s very own Mike Walter, one tough mutha. Three Super Bowl rings. And one of the nicest guys you’ll ever want to share a foxhole with.

Kevin Boss, another Oregon standout. Won a Superbowl ring with the New York Giants. He’s still fit enough to play. A bona fide bell ringer. Had to hang it up on the advice of his docs in his prime.

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