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Worthy Beer Blast for January 24, 2014

Hoppy Birthday Worthy!

Worthy Beer Blast for January 24, 2014

Worthy’s One

On February 4th, Worthy will celebrate its first anniversary. Party Time! We’ll kick off a week’s worth of festivities on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 2nd). We’ll keep the vibe alive through our Year One Bust-Out Birthday Bash on Saturday February 8th.

We’ve got a tent! A heated tent in our Bier Garten. In the tent? Rock and Roll! KC Flynn and Amanda Sarles will open at 5pm for the GBots and The Journeyman.  Free! Fun, flames and flights for all Beertopians and lawn games for future Beertopians.

For a schedule of Worthy birthday specials, including our toast to our first tap, the Go Time Pale (GTX), and food and drink specials all week, please click here.

The Dark Muse Imperial Stout – Unbottle It

Worthy’s Dark Muse is inspired by the need to awaken the muse in all of us. The rich coffee aroma will stir. The smooth, voluptuous body will arouse. And the creamy dark chocolate finish will open your mind’s eyes, as the dots connect and your world suddenly makes more sense.

Unjam yourself with an Imperial Stout so thick it broke our lauter tun.  This is a limited run and it’s going fast. Pick up a bottle at Worthy’s restaurant.  Sparking your imagination: priceless.  One 22 ounce bottle of The Muse: $7.

For more on the Dark Muse, click here.

Black Light Porter- Get Your Glow On

The Sixties gave us many things: Hippies, LSD, LBJ, Ken Kesey, Robert Crumb, Kent State, and Woodstock, to name a few.  It also gave us the Black Light, that iconic purple bulb that lit up your favorite fluorescent Jimi poster and zapped out the heaviness.  In the spirit of making things pop, Worthy is pleased to introduce Black Light Porter, a medium-bodied mahogany colored porter to which we added bittersweet high altitude, Ecuadorian dark cacao nibs.  The nibs do to the brain what the UV light from the black light does to the fluorescent paints – they generate a 3D glow that expands and uplifts.

For more on Worthy’s Black Light Porter, click here.  Available in kegs only, but this porter is destined for 12 oz bottles at an unspecified date in The Vast, Expanding and Mysterious Future.

Unfurling Worthy’s Heart and Soul Series

Our pilot brew system is up and running. This is where art meets science. We’re brewing small batches with a focus on something new, brave and different for our pub customers.  On tap now, Kuckoo Kawfee Porter and I Paint it Black Cascadian IPA. In the tanks now: India Red lager, which we’ll call the Local 36 Lager (more on that later), and a hopped-up unfiltered Dunkelweiss.

This is why we built the place – to showcase new experimental hops (courtesy of Oregon State and Indie Hops), new ingredients and old school devil-be-damned alchemy. Stay tuned for a small batch brew featuring a fresh new hop that Chad plucked from a roster of 21 virgin varieties. That’s Chad in the middle with the Kid inda Kandy Store beardy grin, flanked by The Inventor, Dr. Shawn Townsend, and Jacob Zuchowski, Mr. Make it Happen.

Worthy Doubles Down

Experimental beers and proprietary hop strains
January 23, 2014 Bend Source Weekly

The men behind Worthy Brewery aren’t expecting to ride the crowded waves of the craft brewing boom. Instead, their eyes are on the horizon. Already they’re out in front of trends, busily preparing and planning for that next set.

In the nearly one year that Worthy has been open (its anniversary is this February), the eastside brewery has gone beyond the typical IPAs, porters and browns to produce more than a dozen out-of-the-box beer varieties. Most good, some exceptional, a few just “meh,” but all were made while experimenting and tweaking traditional recipes. Click here for the entire article.

And Now a Note from Our Chief Beertopian, Chris Hodge

A Worthy THANK YOU to all of our loyal Customers!
What an amazing first year at Worthy Brewery Restaurant and Gardens. We set out to brew some of the best tasting craft beer in the industry, bring a quality food and beer experience to Bend’s East Side and provide a new level of beer and hop education to anyone that was willing to listen and learn. From what we can tell and have been told, we have met our markers, and it feels great.

We want to thank our growing ranks of loyal customers who have visited our restaurant and gardens, as well as all of the beer lovers across the Northwest who have enjoyed our beer at their favorite pub or purchased our Worthy cans and bottles at their local retailer.  You are Worthy!

We released our first batch of GTX ( Go Time Extra Pale Ale) on opening day, February 4th, 2013 and from then on it’s been full steam ahead. Our portfolio continues to evolve, ranging from our well balanced Worthy IPA , our super quaffable  Easy Day Kolsch, the creamy and delicious Lights Out Stout to our most recently released cellar worthy, Dark Muse Imperial Stout.

We will continue to tinker with Belgian, German, English and American Hybrid styles plus dozens of “yet to be determined” releases that will continue to delight the curious craft consumers for years to come.

In order to ensure our beer could be enjoyed far and wide, we invested in state of the art canning and bottling lines that have allowed us to reach customers in thousands of our favorite NW locations. The next phase of Beertopia expansion will begin in late February when we will cross the Snake River and launch our portfolio in Idaho. We are excited to partner up with Hayden Beverage who will be distributing the Worthy beers throughout the potato state.

We will continue to work hard for your support and strive daily to live up to our Worthy name.


Chris  Hodge
CEO, Worthy Brewing

Where Can We Get Worthy?

Exciting news for Worthy beer lovers! Hundreds of retail outlets already carry our canned Worthy IPAEasy Day Kolsch, and Worthy Pale Ale. Today, many of our partners will be stocking their shelves with our just released, first edition 22 ounce bottles of the Worthy Imperial IPA and the Farm Out Saison.

Wait. There’s more. Next week, after a long delay on getting our label approved, we will begin canning our seductively tasty Lights Out Stout. Just in time for the cold season. Sorry for the delay.  Comically, it took  awhile to convince the Feds that our customers would not confuse our Vanilla Cream Extra Stout Lights Out Stout with a light beer. Get ready to warm your cockles with our Lights Out on October 24th.

Be sure to ask for the Worthy portfolio of fine beers whereever you shop. If they don’t currently stock Worthy, please be sure to speak up that you’d like a drink Worthy beer. Let us know what you think.

If you are a retailer who would like to represent the Worthy beer portfolio, please contact Worthy Brewing or Columbia Distributingto find out the details.

Goin Hard at What We Love.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

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