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Beer Blast for October 18, 2013

Surging Towards Beertopia

Worthy Beer Blast for October 18, 2013

The Storm’s Coming

A storm of Worthy canned beers is coming. So stock up with your favorite Worthy brew, grab your loved ones, and prepare to ride the storm. The Worthy IPAEasy Day Kolsch and Pale Ale have already hit, while the Lights Out Stout is coming in fast.

Bombs Away! Worthy Breaks Out the Bottles

Worthy took another big step closer to Beertopia today with the successful operation of its shiny new bottling line. In our inaugural run, we cranked out 6 pallets of 22 ounce bombers of our Imperial IPA and Farm House Saison. For those of you keeping score, that’s about 4,320 bottles, all in a few hours, with zero loss. Hum batta!  (READ ON).

Worthy’s Imperial Red Ale: Bold and Tantalizingly Smooth

This is a big, bold Imperial Red Ale that’s tantalizingly smooth. While its triple digit IBUs suggest another violent “bitter bomb,” the Eruption instead releases onto the palate a glowing stream of balanced, bittersweet goodness that warms without dehydrating the tongue. (READ ON)

  • 100+ IBUs
  • 8.0% ABV
  • 6 Lbs hops/BBL
  • 6 hop varieties

Where Can We Get Worthy?

Exciting news for Worthy beer lovers! Hundreds of retail outlets already carry our canned Worthy IPAEasy Day Kolsch, and Worthy Pale Ale. Today, many of our partners will be stocking their shelves with our just released, first edition 22 ounce bottles of the Worthy Imperial IPA and the Farm Out Saison.

Wait. There’s more. Next week, after a long delay on getting our label approved, we will begin canning our seductively tasty Lights Out Stout. Just in time for the cold season. Sorry for the delay.  Comically, it took  awhile to convince the Feds that our customers would not confuse our Vanilla Cream Extra Stout Lights Out Stout with a light beer. Get ready to warm your cockles with our Lights Out on October 24th.

Be sure to ask for the Worthy portfolio of fine beers whereever you shop. If they don’t currently stock Worthy, please be sure to speak up that you’d like a drink Worthy beer. Let us know what you think.

If you are a retailer who would like to represent the Worthy beer portfolio, please contact Worthy Brewing or Columbia Distributingto find out the details.

Goin Hard at What We Love.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

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