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Beer Blast for July 3, 2017

Summer of Love

Beer Blast for July 3, 2017

Craft is a Badge of Honor. Earn it. Wear it

A few days ago the Brewers Association, which represents the interests of small and independent U.S. craft breweries, announced that it is debuting a seal or shield (see the bottom image to the right on the blog) which it encourages craft breweries to proudly display.
Count Worthy in.

The timing is perfect. Worthy recently suggested to our own local guild – the Central Oregon Brewer’s Guild (COBG) – that it pursue a shield to differentiate between real craft breweries and the fake ones, i.e., the wholly or partially owned subsidiaries of foreign owned mega-conglomerates.

See the suggested “Indie Craft” shield to the right. Read more…

Not A Lotta Strata, but We’ll Brew What We Gotta

Ok hop fans here’s the skinny.

We’re fielding alot of questions on why we are not bottling or canning Strata IPA. The Indie Pale Ale, as well as it’s namesake hop, are both developing fan clubs. It’s an Indie Pale Ale, as opposed to India, because as previously reported the hop is the brainchild of Indie Hops and Oregon State.

Some beer lovers say it’s the uniquely satisfying grapefruit, mango and pine flavor. For others it’s the smooth, dank finish. The brewers are loving it’s one-stop-shop versatility, whether as an aroma or bittering hop. Read more…

Gary’s In The House! Stage Set at Worthy for Pre-Ride Party

On July 7th, Worthy Brewing will again host the Tour Des Chutes packet pick-up party. Participants can enjoy a complimentary pint of the 5th annual “Gary’s No Quit Wit,” brewed in honor of living legend Gary Bonacker, the resilient founder of the 13th annual TDC.

“Gary’s one of a kind. He’s charming, hilarious, sweet and tough as a ten cent steak,” said Roger Worthington, the founder of Worthy Brewing.

“The best part of my summer is the Tour Des Chutes, not only because I love the ride, the solidarity and the hope and help it sends, but also because we get to brew another batch of my favorite summer beer – Gary’s No Quit Wit. The guy’s a beauty and we’re darn lucky to have him around.”

The “Gary’s in the House” party starts at 11 a.m. and goes to 9 p.m.  Worthy urges you to get there early to avoid the long lines. Read more…

Worthy Solar Eclipse Week: See the Light

Worthy Brewing is pleased to announce the Worthy Solar Eclipse week, August 16-21, presented by the Worthy Garden Club (WGC). The theme of the special program is “See the Light.”

Starting on August 16th, for five consecutive nights before the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, the WGC will be hosting speakers from various disciplines who will address a number of provocative topics.

The speakers will include astronomists, hydrologists, historians, educators and at least one cosmic contrarian. Topics range from “Eclipse Craziness,” to “The Search for E.T.” to “Darkness in Daytime” to “Why Colonize Outer Space?”

The talks, which are geared for the entire family, will take place in Worthy Brewing’s “Hop Mahal” Banquet Hall. Space is limited so we encourage an early arrival.  Admission is free.

Good Citizen Big IPA

“Silence like a cancer grows…”
Paul Simon, “Sound of Silence”

We lost two good citizens recently. Another was seriously hurt. All three were bludgeoned in a Portland MAX light-rail train when they stood up to a lunatic’s hate, bigotry and hostility.

Rick John Best, age 53, an army veteran and the father of four, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, age 23, a recent Reed College graduate, died. Micah Fletcher, age 21, is now recovering from his knife wounds.

Three ordinary Americans who did something that seems extraordinary in these tumultuous times: they stepped in to protect two young women who were being attacked ostensibly because of their religion and nationality.

What’s the Buzz?

Events Scheduled at Worthy

July 4 – Red, White and Brews-Live Music: Strive Roots 5-7pm; Jive Coulis 7:30-10:00pm

July 5 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-Pitchfork Revolution 6-9pm

July 7 – Tour des Chutes Packet Pick up Party- 11-9  Live Music-Parlour 6-8pm

July 12 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-G-Bots and the Journeymen 6-9pm

July 19 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-Mexican Gunfight 6-9pm

July 23 – Cascade Cycling Classic “Drink Up. Dream On. After Party”-Music Special Guest-JuJu Eyeballs-6-9pm

July 25 – Worthy Twilight Tunes- Benefitting Family Habitat for Humanity-Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-Brewers Grade 6-9pm

July 26 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-KC Flynn 6-9pm

Click here for more upcoming Worthy Events!

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