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Beer Blast for December 19, 2016

Nurture the Darkness

Beer Blast for December 19, 2016

Unbottle Your Genius

Barrel Aged Dark Muse
11.3% ABV
60 IBU

All jammed up in the head? Stuck? Stymied? Clogged? Try Barrel Aged Dark Muse Russian Imperial Stout.

In 2014, Worthy filled a dozen Wild Turkey wooden barrels with our deep, rich and silky Dark Muse Russian Imperial Stout. Over two years later, after the benevolent forces of time, bourbon, and oak had a chance to work their magic, there’s only one word to describe this dark creation: Wow. More…

Worthy Brewing Opens County’s First Hopservatory

Dec 2016 | Issue #119

Beer drinkers will soon be able to gaze into the cosmos while sipping on an IPA at Worthy Brewing’s new “Hopservatory.” Located inside the Bend, Ore., brewery, the observatory-opening in December-features a 16-inch RCOS-based Ritchey-Chrétien telescope and lets visitors explore space via guided tours and programs.

Below the telescope room, the “Transporter Room” (an homage to Star Trek) features a mosaic by California-based artist Rick Skalak. Covering the walls, floor, and central column, Skalak’s art depicts hop comets, a Klingon ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise, and even old-timey bicycles-a nod to owner Roger Worthington’s passion for cycling. More…

X-331. The Inside Story of the Next Home-Run Hop

1859. Oregon’s Magazine
November 7, 2016

In August 2016, Roger Worthington and Jim Solberg drove to Silverton, Oregon to watch a key test of their secret prize-horse. They had invested a lot of money and time on this mare, studding her with the best genetic crosses and keeping it cloistered from bad elements (while raising her to do that herself).

In prior, preliminary trials, they had watched hopefully as she outperformed all of her competitors. People-scientists even-had told them she was special. Seven years of training for this moment! They had high expectations for their secret X-331. More..

Discover Beertopia

Love beer, eats, hops, stars, parties, learning and good ‘ol Mother Earth? Check out what we’ve been building at Worthy over the last few years.

The Hop Mahal banquet hall is open. Plan your party now.

The Transporter Room is beaming the curious from their mortal coil up into The Beyond… and back.

The Hopservatory is on the launch pad. Bulletin: The telescope has been loaded onto a truck in Pennsylvania and is enroute.

The Star Bar will launch in the Spring. Adult only! Great views. Tapas bar. What should we do with the mid-level circular ‘control room’ in the Hopservatory tower? Hookuh Bar? Velvet Elvis nostalgia bar?

When the snow clears we’ll be re-designing the biergarten to create amphitheatre seating around our sound stage. Music! Poetry! Talent shows! Comedy!

Beertopia. A place for ephiphanies. Bring your curiosity.

Worthy’s Seasonal Powder Keg Going Off

BEND, OR — Powder Keg, our winter seasonal IPA, is back just in time for the winter snow explosion.

A winter warmer staple at Worthy Brewing since 2013, this red hued IPA is loaded with hop flavor and aroma with a festive piney and citrusy hop character. It’s balanced by a generous dose of crystal malts making this an aggressive yet balanced beer.

Powder Keg’s big without being heavy. It’s packed with an explosive amount of pure grade, highly volatile lupulin yellow cake, distilled from the ooziest of the oiliest Big C’s – – Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Columbus. ABV is 7.1% and 65 IBUs.

After an exhilarating day shoveling snow or banging about on the Mountain, pull into Worthy for a post-detonation cool down.

Kegs are being distributed by Columbia Distribution in Oregon and Washington, Hodgen Distributing in Eastern Oregon, and by Hayden Beverage in Idaho through January.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

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