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Beer Blast for April 14, 2015

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Beer Blast for April 14, 2015

Chad Kennedy

Chad Kennedy – We Love Ya Man!

With a mixture of sadness and joy, Worthy Brewing is saying goodbye to Chad Kennedy, our founding Brew Master and inspiration. After nearly four years, Chad has decided to return to his home in Portland, Oregon to be closer to his two daughters.

“You only get to see your daughters grow up once,” said Chad. “It’s been a great run at Worthy and I’m proud to have been a part of their amazing growth. We’re parting amicably of course and I’ll miss all my friends there.”

“We will forever be grateful for Chad’s pioneering spirit here at Worthy,” said Roger Worthington, the founder. “He helped build this place and he was the big brain behind most of our beers. Without his vision, experience and inspiration, there would not be a Worthy Brewing. Plus, he’s an incurable prankster and we’ll miss his wit and goofy charms.”

Dustin Kellner

Dustin Kellner, who has been Chad’s first lieutenant over the past ten years, will move up to Brewmaster. Dustin is a steady hand on the till who gets up early and goes to bed late with beer mostly on his mind. Worthy is very pleased to promote Dustin, who brings to the table a wealth of production, packaging, recipe and team building skills.

“The future here at Worthy is very, very bright,” said Chris Hodge, Worthy’s CEO. “We are on the verge of releasing our new pale, Prefunk Pale, which Dustin goosed up nicely with Amarillo and Citra hops. We’re adding new fermentation tanks. We’re upgrading our canning line and we continue to experiment with new hoppy flavors on our pilot system, the Heart and Soul of Worthy.”

“Added to which we’re planning on expanding into several new states in the next year. It’s going to be a great summer and we’re totally stoked.”

Worthy Brewing Releases Prefunk Pale Ale

Bend, Oregon – 13 April 2015 – Worthy Brewing Company announces Prefunk Pale Ale, the newest in its family of canned craft ales. The addition to Worthy’s year-round lineup comes in at 6% ABV with 50 IBU, making it a quintessential Northwest American Pale.

Pacific Northwest malts provide a balanced taste and mouthfeel, rounded by a smooth caramel background. Made with Citra and Amarillo hops, it finishes with a juicy hop burst with hints of tangerine, lychee, and pink lemonade.

The new addition will be permanently replacing Worthy Pale (also known as Eastside Pale). “Playing with hops is one of the best parts of being in this industry,” says CEO, Chris Hodge. “Sticking with our mantra of ‘Hopcentricity’ we wanted the flavor profile and new look and name to reflect that.” The year round release will be distributed in six pack cans and draft in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Oahu, and Vermont.

With a sneak peek at the upcoming Opening Reception of the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Worthy also has several release events planned, including:

  • April 23 – Worthy Brewing Company. Draft and can release with food pairings. 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • April 28 – Goodfoot Lounge in Portland, Oregon with music from Yak Attack. 8 p.m. – 12 a.m.
  • May 1    – PreFunk Beer Bar in Boise, Idaho with live music and giveaways. 5-8 p.m.
  • May 8    – Broken Top Bottle Shop in Bend, Oregon with live music and giveaways. 6-9 p.m.
  • May 24  – Central Oregon Beer Week with musical guests The Crockett Sisters
  • June 20 – Summer Solstice Party with Tone Red & Moon Mountain Ramblers
  • And many more coming soon!

Worthy Brewing Company opened its doors in early 2013, delivering remarkably balanced, filtered ales that are hand-crafted using premium ingredients and the pristine water from the Cascade Mountains in Bend, Oregon. Worthy’s campus includes a large outdoor biergarten, full restaurant, and a greenhouse and hop yard onsite for growing estate and experimental hops in conjunction with Oregon State University and Indie Hops.

Lisa Kronwell, Worthy Garden Club

Worthy Garden Club Digging for Green Gold

The Central Oregon climate is a good fit for one of brewing’s most loved ingredients.

The Bulletin
April 10, 2015
By Kathleen McCool

Humulus lupulus – aka the common hop. Native to North America, this vine – or bine – bears the conical flower that we here in beer country treasure for the flavor and bitterness infusing your favorite microbrews.

Since the birth of Oregon, the state has been known for its hops. More specifically, the Willamette Valley has been known for its hops. But that is changing as more and more folks are realizing Central Oregon’s hoppy potential.  More…

Worthy Garden Club 2015 Event Schedule:

  • May 6  – Spring Graden Workshop
  • June 2 – Guest Speaker Dr. Shaun Townsend
  • July 1   – Summer Garden Workshop
  • August (tbd) – Central Oregon Hop Yard Tour
  • September (tbd) – Fall Garden Workshop

Visit us at: http://www.worthygardenclub.com/

Meet and Greet Peter DeFazio, Portland, April 17th

Worthy is pleased to co-host a reception honoring Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR), the co-founder of the Congressional Small Brewers Caucus, on April 17th, from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

Fortunately, the beauty of craft beer is about the only thing Congress can agree on these days. Stop by to lend your support and air out your grievances.  Click here for details.

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