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Beer Blast for December 19, 2016

Nurture the Darkness

Beer Blast for December 19, 2016

Unbottle Your Genius

Barrel Aged Dark Muse
11.3% ABV
60 IBU

All jammed up in the head? Stuck? Stymied? Clogged? Try Barrel Aged Dark Muse Russian Imperial Stout.

In 2014, Worthy filled a dozen Wild Turkey wooden barrels with our deep, rich and silky Dark Muse Russian Imperial Stout. Over two years later, after the benevolent forces of time, bourbon, and oak had a chance to work their magic, there’s only one word to describe this dark creation: Wow. More…

Worthy Brewing Opens County’s First Hopservatory

Dec 2016 | Issue #119

Beer drinkers will soon be able to gaze into the cosmos while sipping on an IPA at Worthy Brewing’s new “Hopservatory.” Located inside the Bend, Ore., brewery, the observatory-opening in December-features a 16-inch RCOS-based Ritchey-Chrétien telescope and lets visitors explore space via guided tours and programs.

Below the telescope room, the “Transporter Room” (an homage to Star Trek) features a mosaic by California-based artist Rick Skalak. Covering the walls, floor, and central column, Skalak’s art depicts hop comets, a Klingon ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise, and even old-timey bicycles-a nod to owner Roger Worthington’s passion for cycling. More…

X-331. The Inside Story of the Next Home-Run Hop

1859. Oregon’s Magazine
November 7, 2016

In August 2016, Roger Worthington and Jim Solberg drove to Silverton, Oregon to watch a key test of their secret prize-horse. They had invested a lot of money and time on this mare, studding her with the best genetic crosses and keeping it cloistered from bad elements (while raising her to do that herself).

In prior, preliminary trials, they had watched hopefully as she outperformed all of her competitors. People-scientists even-had told them she was special. Seven years of training for this moment! They had high expectations for their secret X-331. More..

Discover Beertopia

Love beer, eats, hops, stars, parties, learning and good ‘ol Mother Earth? Check out what we’ve been building at Worthy over the last few years.

The Hop Mahal banquet hall is open. Plan your party now.

The Transporter Room is beaming the curious from their mortal coil up into The Beyond… and back.

The Hopservatory is on the launch pad. Bulletin: The telescope has been loaded onto a truck in Pennsylvania and is enroute.

The Star Bar will launch in the Spring. Adult only! Great views. Tapas bar. What should we do with the mid-level circular ‘control room’ in the Hopservatory tower? Hookuh Bar? Velvet Elvis nostalgia bar?

When the snow clears we’ll be re-designing the biergarten to create amphitheatre seating around our sound stage. Music! Poetry! Talent shows! Comedy!

Beertopia. A place for ephiphanies. Bring your curiosity.

Worthy’s Seasonal Powder Keg Going Off

BEND, OR — Powder Keg, our winter seasonal IPA, is back just in time for the winter snow explosion.

A winter warmer staple at Worthy Brewing since 2013, this red hued IPA is loaded with hop flavor and aroma with a festive piney and citrusy hop character. It’s balanced by a generous dose of crystal malts making this an aggressive yet balanced beer.

Powder Keg’s big without being heavy. It’s packed with an explosive amount of pure grade, highly volatile lupulin yellow cake, distilled from the ooziest of the oiliest Big C’s – – Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Columbus. ABV is 7.1% and 65 IBUs.

After an exhilarating day shoveling snow or banging about on the Mountain, pull into Worthy for a post-detonation cool down.

Kegs are being distributed by Columbia Distribution in Oregon and Washington, Hodgen Distributing in Eastern Oregon, and by Hayden Beverage in Idaho through January.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for September 22, 2015

Hoppin’ Good Times!

Beer Blast for September 22, 2015

Born to Cook: A Candid Conversation with Jon Sliger

Worthy Brewing is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Executive Chef, Jon Sliger.  More like ecstatic. Jon has everything we want. He’s a talented chef, a born leader, and a fastidious manager who knows how to have fun.

Jon has designed, built and owned restaurants. It’s in his blood. He’s a third generation chef who fondly recalls a youth spent growing, picking, drying, canning and pickling fresh fruits and veggies.  He never even tasted store-bought bread until he was about 10.

For ten years Jon owned and operated the Hawk Creek Cafe in Neskowin, Oregon, where he honed his skills in the pizza cage. For another six years he owned Natalia’s here in Bend, where he showcased his love for Mediterranean and Southern Italy cuisine.

More recently he helped open Ten Below at the Oxford Hotel in Bend, as well as  managing Johnny Carino’s and Red Robin. Both experiences taught him the art of making each guest feel special while serving a large volume of guests. More…

Newberry Eruption

We’ve partnered on a series of volcanic-inspired beers for the Newberry National Monument’s 25th year! Newberry Eruption is a big, bold Imperial Red Ale that erupts with flavor and keeps you coming back for more. Loaded with Pacific Northwest hops, this beer strikes the perfect balance between brash and smooth.

$1 per bottle sold will be donated to Discover Your Forest, which supports programs for children and visitor services in the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests.

Look for it in your local bottle shop or independent grocer soon and get it while you can. This commemorative bottle is very limited!

Heart & Soul Series

Here’s the line up on the artisinal brews from our 5 bbl pilot system we’re now pouring at Worthy’s renown Cuckoo’s Nest bar: (Click here for a roster of Heart & Soul brews currently on tap.)

  • Lucky Plucky Fresh Hop (sourced from Worthy’s hopyard)It doesn’t get any fresher than this. We hand picked over a dozen varieties of plump, ripe and juicy hops (including Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Meridian and more) from our Worthy hopyard and went to town.  An exuberant floral nose with a touch of dankness. Sweet tart candy, orange citrus and a hint of pine on the tongue. And a true-to-terroir dry finish that just may produce an eye-flutter.  A gift from our garden to you.
    5.7% ABV
    50 IBU
  • Worthy Oktoberfest (lagered lovingly in RG Worthy’s Private Stash)It’s that time again to toast the joys of German-inspired lagers and klank your frothy mugs. In lieu of a chilly Bavarian cave, we lagered our brew for the last two months in R.G. Worthy’s Private Stash, a tank dedicated to light, crisp and refreshing beers. Brewed with imported malts, this is a rich, golden amber-colored lager that utilizes Oregon-grown and Hallertauer Mittelfruh-inspired Crystal and Santiam hops. We added French Oak spirals to enhance the creamy mouthfeel. The slightly sweet finish will leave you thirsty for more. But get it while you can. The beer that takes the longest to brew tends to run out the fastest.
    6.7% ABV
    25 IBU
  • Big Sticky Fresh Hop (70 pounds of Cascades courtesy of Goschie Farms)This is The Big One. The Big Sticky. Where hop freshness speaks to hop power. We used an outrageous 70 pounds of freshly plucked Cascade hops, courtesy of Goschie Farms. And oh my did she deliver. That classic Cascade piney-citrus double tap to the nose, followed by a pungent punch of bittersweet mango-citrus to the tongue. If you couldn’t hop, skip and jump through the hopyards this year, this Big Freshie is your worthy substitute.
    5.2% ABV
    55 IBU
  • Walk on the Wild Side
    Made in collaboration with Beers Made By Walking. Inspired by a hike with Oregon Natural Desert Association in the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, just east of the brewery. Brewed with Belgian yeast, buckwheat, sage from our gardens & local honey from D&D Ranch. Bittered with yarrow. Light, crisp, refreshing with notes of sage, pineapple, and herbs.
    5.0% ABV
    12 IBU

Coming soon:

  • Peace Pipe Porter (with cocoa nibs)
  • Sweet Ride Wit
  • Batch 666 (our spooky Halloween libation)
  • Altbier Ale (tastes like a lager but it’s not)
  • Exuberance Session IPA (featuring X-hops courtesy of Indie Hops)

Hop Video Funnies

Worthy Hop-A-Bout 2015

Join us in our pursuit of new sensations as Worthy tours Goschie Farms and Indie Hops in the lush hoptopia that is the Willamette Valley.

Hops Gone Wild!

A slightly wacky inside view of what the mad scientists are cooking up at the OSU-Indie Hops aroma hops breeding program. More hops than hops!

Hop Rainbow

Check out the hops pot at the end of the beer flavored rainbow. This is where the hops are grown, plucked and pelleted. From Goschie Farms in Silverton to Indie Hops in Hubbard, 5 miles down the road. Grab a chunk of that swaying hip hop back beat!

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for April 14, 2015

Get This Party Started!

Beer Blast for April 14, 2015

Chad Kennedy

Chad Kennedy – We Love Ya Man!

With a mixture of sadness and joy, Worthy Brewing is saying goodbye to Chad Kennedy, our founding Brew Master and inspiration. After nearly four years, Chad has decided to return to his home in Portland, Oregon to be closer to his two daughters.

“You only get to see your daughters grow up once,” said Chad. “It’s been a great run at Worthy and I’m proud to have been a part of their amazing growth. We’re parting amicably of course and I’ll miss all my friends there.”

“We will forever be grateful for Chad’s pioneering spirit here at Worthy,” said Roger Worthington, the founder. “He helped build this place and he was the big brain behind most of our beers. Without his vision, experience and inspiration, there would not be a Worthy Brewing. Plus, he’s an incurable prankster and we’ll miss his wit and goofy charms.”

Dustin Kellner

Dustin Kellner, who has been Chad’s first lieutenant over the past ten years, will move up to Brewmaster. Dustin is a steady hand on the till who gets up early and goes to bed late with beer mostly on his mind. Worthy is very pleased to promote Dustin, who brings to the table a wealth of production, packaging, recipe and team building skills.

“The future here at Worthy is very, very bright,” said Chris Hodge, Worthy’s CEO. “We are on the verge of releasing our new pale, Prefunk Pale, which Dustin goosed up nicely with Amarillo and Citra hops. We’re adding new fermentation tanks. We’re upgrading our canning line and we continue to experiment with new hoppy flavors on our pilot system, the Heart and Soul of Worthy.”

“Added to which we’re planning on expanding into several new states in the next year. It’s going to be a great summer and we’re totally stoked.”

Worthy Brewing Releases Prefunk Pale Ale

Bend, Oregon – 13 April 2015 – Worthy Brewing Company announces Prefunk Pale Ale, the newest in its family of canned craft ales. The addition to Worthy’s year-round lineup comes in at 6% ABV with 50 IBU, making it a quintessential Northwest American Pale.

Pacific Northwest malts provide a balanced taste and mouthfeel, rounded by a smooth caramel background. Made with Citra and Amarillo hops, it finishes with a juicy hop burst with hints of tangerine, lychee, and pink lemonade.

The new addition will be permanently replacing Worthy Pale (also known as Eastside Pale). “Playing with hops is one of the best parts of being in this industry,” says CEO, Chris Hodge. “Sticking with our mantra of ‘Hopcentricity’ we wanted the flavor profile and new look and name to reflect that.” The year round release will be distributed in six pack cans and draft in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Oahu, and Vermont.

With a sneak peek at the upcoming Opening Reception of the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Worthy also has several release events planned, including:

  • April 23 – Worthy Brewing Company. Draft and can release with food pairings. 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • April 28 – Goodfoot Lounge in Portland, Oregon with music from Yak Attack. 8 p.m. – 12 a.m.
  • May 1    – PreFunk Beer Bar in Boise, Idaho with live music and giveaways. 5-8 p.m.
  • May 8    – Broken Top Bottle Shop in Bend, Oregon with live music and giveaways. 6-9 p.m.
  • May 24  – Central Oregon Beer Week with musical guests The Crockett Sisters
  • June 20 – Summer Solstice Party with Tone Red & Moon Mountain Ramblers
  • And many more coming soon!

Worthy Brewing Company opened its doors in early 2013, delivering remarkably balanced, filtered ales that are hand-crafted using premium ingredients and the pristine water from the Cascade Mountains in Bend, Oregon. Worthy’s campus includes a large outdoor biergarten, full restaurant, and a greenhouse and hop yard onsite for growing estate and experimental hops in conjunction with Oregon State University and Indie Hops.

Lisa Kronwell, Worthy Garden Club

Worthy Garden Club Digging for Green Gold

The Central Oregon climate is a good fit for one of brewing’s most loved ingredients.

The Bulletin
April 10, 2015
By Kathleen McCool

Humulus lupulus – aka the common hop. Native to North America, this vine – or bine – bears the conical flower that we here in beer country treasure for the flavor and bitterness infusing your favorite microbrews.

Since the birth of Oregon, the state has been known for its hops. More specifically, the Willamette Valley has been known for its hops. But that is changing as more and more folks are realizing Central Oregon’s hoppy potential.  More…

Worthy Garden Club 2015 Event Schedule:

  • May 6  – Spring Graden Workshop
  • June 2 – Guest Speaker Dr. Shaun Townsend
  • July 1   – Summer Garden Workshop
  • August (tbd) – Central Oregon Hop Yard Tour
  • September (tbd) – Fall Garden Workshop

Visit us at: http://www.worthygardenclub.com/

Meet and Greet Peter DeFazio, Portland, April 17th

Worthy is pleased to co-host a reception honoring Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR), the co-founder of the Congressional Small Brewers Caucus, on April 17th, from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

Fortunately, the beauty of craft beer is about the only thing Congress can agree on these days. Stop by to lend your support and air out your grievances.  Click here for details.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Worthy Beer Blast for July 1, 2014

Some Like it Hopped!

Worthy Beer Blast for July 1, 2014

Celebrate the Big Bang! July4th Worthy Party on the Patio

Voted by at least 47 customers as the “best fireworks” vantage point in town. Live music by Strive Roots. Music kicks off at 7 pm.

  • Get here early.
  • Food specials.
  • Free Admission.
  • No reservations.
  • Wave your Freak Flag high.

Support the TDC and Celebrate Survival with Gary’s No Quit Wit


Yes. We think so. Bend’s own Gary Bonacker. One of the loveliest guys on the planet. And strongest and…

… orneriest. When he was diagnosed with brain cancer 11 years ago, he didn’t crawl into a hole. He didn’t retreat. He got busy fighting back and giving back. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t just talk about living life to the fullest. He does it. Each and every breath. Each and every day.

Gary Bonacker: Super Survivor. And Giver. And Smiler.

Worthy Brewing is proud to again sponsor the Tour Des Chutes. This will be the 11th year. Each year, it gets bigger and better.  This year the TDC decided to let the runners in on the fun. More…

Worthy Party, Friday July 11 with music by Greg Botsford, TDC ride/run July 12.

Local 36 Red Lager: Put Out the Fire

When you’re hot and bothered, and it’s time to put the fire out, cool your thirst with Worthy’s Local 36 Red Lager.
Local 36 Red Lager, the “lagger’s lager,” is a zippy, zesty, and robust reddish lager spiced handsomely with Ultra, a rare Oregon grown aroma hop with “noble” Bavarian roots. It’s brewed with Czech-style yeast and a mix of domestic and imported malts. It’s muscular without being hulking. Lean without being mean. And it delivers a smooth, clean and happily hopped finish. More…

Special Release: July 16, 2012, Portland, OR. Call for Details.

Cascade Cycling Race Fans: Get Hopped Up!

Normally, Worthy’s all about balance. But when it comes to the imperials, Worthy likes its big beers like it likes a bike race: totally hopped up!

We don’t really want to watch a bunch of kids riding around casually in a circle. We want to see big, bold action: lung-busting attacks, epic bridges, out-of-body solo efforts, and crowd-energizing desperate breakaways.

In short, we want to see hopped up racers.  Athletes who throw caution to wind. Redliners who give more than they got, who go to failure, but seem to find a way to replenish the tanks. We want to see animated racers-cum-super heroes who attempt the impossible. More…

CCC July 15-20, Bend, OR

Heart & Soul: What’s Cooking?

Several brews on tap at our pub from our Heart & Soul pilot brews series, including:

  • Vic’s Secret, Great Hop Experiment #1, IPA utilizing new “pineapply” hop from Australia
  • El Dorado, Great Hop Experiment #2, Pale utilizing new fruity El Dorado hop
  • Beautiful Beast Belgian Quad, 13.2% ABV, 17 IBU. A monster of a beer!
  • Training Wheels Session IPA, 4.7% ABV, 67 IBU, classic IPA with special whirlpool add “hop burst” method, using Cascade, Centennial and CTZ
  • Gary’s No Quit Wit, refreshing Belgian wit super charged with Lemon, Orange and Coriander

And more small batch, anything goes brews on their way.

Worthy Wednesdays: Summer Concert Series on the Patio

Music plays from 6-8 pm. Free Admission

Worthy Brewing Releases New Worthy IPA Can

BEND, ORE – A new look is coming to Worthy Brewing Company’s most popular flagship beer, Worthy IPA. The 12-ounce six-pack cans will now be packaged in a “hopgreen” can.

“The change is for a more consistent look in the retail market,” reports Worthy’s Creative Director, Dave Zinn, “The new look of the green can will better align with the current portfolio of our packaging.” The updated packaging is expected to hit retail markets the week of June 12.

Renowned for his IPAs, Brewmaster Chad Kennedy raised the bar. This clean, crisp, and refreshing beer is amazingly balanced. A tribute to Worthy’s friends at Indie Hops, Worthy IPA is bursting with finest hops Oregon has to offer.  More…

Calling All Hop Pickers

Worthy’s looking for a few good pickers.

2014 promises to produce a banner hop harvest here at Worthy. So far the hops are right on schedule, with our Chinooks, Sterling, Santiam and Nuggets the first to reach the top of the 12 foot trellis wire.

In 2013, we planted over 20 hop varieties, including three experimental plants from the OSU-Indie Hops aroma hops breeding program.  The OSU-IH “magic hops” are looking very strong. Jack in the Beanstock strong.

We are expecting about 6-7 pounds of fresh hops per mound. For a second year harvest from an urban farm on the East Side of Bend and not too far West of the Badlands Wilderness area, we’re hoppy with that.

Worthy Brewing Hires New NW Regional Sales Manager

BEND, ORE – In the wake of Worthy Brewing’s 240-barrel expansion, the brewing company has hired a new Northwest Regional Sales Manager, Rick Nickerson.

Nickerson – a husband, father and Operation Desert Storm veteran in the Marine Corps – started working in the food and beverage industry in 2003 as a bartender and manager at Park Kitchen in Portland, Ore. From there, he worked as an account sales representative at Columbia Distributing until 2008, when he started on-premise work for Pyramid/Mac’s and later Full Sail Brewing Company. He will be based in Portland.  More…

Dig it! High Desert Garden Tour, Saturday July 19

Worthy’s proud to support the 21st Annual High Desert Garden tour, presented by our friends at the OSU Extension Service and the OSU Master Gardeners.

It’s a self guided tour featuring seven gardens in Tumalo, where hops, properly loved, can thrive. The cost of the tour is $10 and you can buy tickets at Worthy.

For more info, click here.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com


Worthy Beer Blast for January 24, 2014

Hoppy Birthday Worthy!

Worthy Beer Blast for January 24, 2014

Worthy’s One

On February 4th, Worthy will celebrate its first anniversary. Party Time! We’ll kick off a week’s worth of festivities on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 2nd). We’ll keep the vibe alive through our Year One Bust-Out Birthday Bash on Saturday February 8th.

We’ve got a tent! A heated tent in our Bier Garten. In the tent? Rock and Roll! KC Flynn and Amanda Sarles will open at 5pm for the GBots and The Journeyman.  Free! Fun, flames and flights for all Beertopians and lawn games for future Beertopians.

For a schedule of Worthy birthday specials, including our toast to our first tap, the Go Time Pale (GTX), and food and drink specials all week, please click here.

The Dark Muse Imperial Stout – Unbottle It

Worthy’s Dark Muse is inspired by the need to awaken the muse in all of us. The rich coffee aroma will stir. The smooth, voluptuous body will arouse. And the creamy dark chocolate finish will open your mind’s eyes, as the dots connect and your world suddenly makes more sense.

Unjam yourself with an Imperial Stout so thick it broke our lauter tun.  This is a limited run and it’s going fast. Pick up a bottle at Worthy’s restaurant.  Sparking your imagination: priceless.  One 22 ounce bottle of The Muse: $7.

For more on the Dark Muse, click here.

Black Light Porter- Get Your Glow On

The Sixties gave us many things: Hippies, LSD, LBJ, Ken Kesey, Robert Crumb, Kent State, and Woodstock, to name a few.  It also gave us the Black Light, that iconic purple bulb that lit up your favorite fluorescent Jimi poster and zapped out the heaviness.  In the spirit of making things pop, Worthy is pleased to introduce Black Light Porter, a medium-bodied mahogany colored porter to which we added bittersweet high altitude, Ecuadorian dark cacao nibs.  The nibs do to the brain what the UV light from the black light does to the fluorescent paints – they generate a 3D glow that expands and uplifts.

For more on Worthy’s Black Light Porter, click here.  Available in kegs only, but this porter is destined for 12 oz bottles at an unspecified date in The Vast, Expanding and Mysterious Future.

Unfurling Worthy’s Heart and Soul Series

Our pilot brew system is up and running. This is where art meets science. We’re brewing small batches with a focus on something new, brave and different for our pub customers.  On tap now, Kuckoo Kawfee Porter and I Paint it Black Cascadian IPA. In the tanks now: India Red lager, which we’ll call the Local 36 Lager (more on that later), and a hopped-up unfiltered Dunkelweiss.

This is why we built the place – to showcase new experimental hops (courtesy of Oregon State and Indie Hops), new ingredients and old school devil-be-damned alchemy. Stay tuned for a small batch brew featuring a fresh new hop that Chad plucked from a roster of 21 virgin varieties. That’s Chad in the middle with the Kid inda Kandy Store beardy grin, flanked by The Inventor, Dr. Shawn Townsend, and Jacob Zuchowski, Mr. Make it Happen.

Worthy Doubles Down

Experimental beers and proprietary hop strains
January 23, 2014 Bend Source Weekly

The men behind Worthy Brewery aren’t expecting to ride the crowded waves of the craft brewing boom. Instead, their eyes are on the horizon. Already they’re out in front of trends, busily preparing and planning for that next set.

In the nearly one year that Worthy has been open (its anniversary is this February), the eastside brewery has gone beyond the typical IPAs, porters and browns to produce more than a dozen out-of-the-box beer varieties. Most good, some exceptional, a few just “meh,” but all were made while experimenting and tweaking traditional recipes. Click here for the entire article.

And Now a Note from Our Chief Beertopian, Chris Hodge

A Worthy THANK YOU to all of our loyal Customers!
What an amazing first year at Worthy Brewery Restaurant and Gardens. We set out to brew some of the best tasting craft beer in the industry, bring a quality food and beer experience to Bend’s East Side and provide a new level of beer and hop education to anyone that was willing to listen and learn. From what we can tell and have been told, we have met our markers, and it feels great.

We want to thank our growing ranks of loyal customers who have visited our restaurant and gardens, as well as all of the beer lovers across the Northwest who have enjoyed our beer at their favorite pub or purchased our Worthy cans and bottles at their local retailer.  You are Worthy!

We released our first batch of GTX ( Go Time Extra Pale Ale) on opening day, February 4th, 2013 and from then on it’s been full steam ahead. Our portfolio continues to evolve, ranging from our well balanced Worthy IPA , our super quaffable  Easy Day Kolsch, the creamy and delicious Lights Out Stout to our most recently released cellar worthy, Dark Muse Imperial Stout.

We will continue to tinker with Belgian, German, English and American Hybrid styles plus dozens of “yet to be determined” releases that will continue to delight the curious craft consumers for years to come.

In order to ensure our beer could be enjoyed far and wide, we invested in state of the art canning and bottling lines that have allowed us to reach customers in thousands of our favorite NW locations. The next phase of Beertopia expansion will begin in late February when we will cross the Snake River and launch our portfolio in Idaho. We are excited to partner up with Hayden Beverage who will be distributing the Worthy beers throughout the potato state.

We will continue to work hard for your support and strive daily to live up to our Worthy name.


Chris  Hodge
CEO, Worthy Brewing

Where Can We Get Worthy?

Exciting news for Worthy beer lovers! Hundreds of retail outlets already carry our canned Worthy IPAEasy Day Kolsch, and Worthy Pale Ale. Today, many of our partners will be stocking their shelves with our just released, first edition 22 ounce bottles of the Worthy Imperial IPA and the Farm Out Saison.

Wait. There’s more. Next week, after a long delay on getting our label approved, we will begin canning our seductively tasty Lights Out Stout. Just in time for the cold season. Sorry for the delay.  Comically, it took  awhile to convince the Feds that our customers would not confuse our Vanilla Cream Extra Stout Lights Out Stout with a light beer. Get ready to warm your cockles with our Lights Out on October 24th.

Be sure to ask for the Worthy portfolio of fine beers whereever you shop. If they don’t currently stock Worthy, please be sure to speak up that you’d like a drink Worthy beer. Let us know what you think.

If you are a retailer who would like to represent the Worthy beer portfolio, please contact Worthy Brewing or Columbia Distributingto find out the details.

Goin Hard at What We Love.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for October 18, 2013

Surging Towards Beertopia

Worthy Beer Blast for October 18, 2013

The Storm’s Coming

A storm of Worthy canned beers is coming. So stock up with your favorite Worthy brew, grab your loved ones, and prepare to ride the storm. The Worthy IPAEasy Day Kolsch and Pale Ale have already hit, while the Lights Out Stout is coming in fast.

Bombs Away! Worthy Breaks Out the Bottles

Worthy took another big step closer to Beertopia today with the successful operation of its shiny new bottling line. In our inaugural run, we cranked out 6 pallets of 22 ounce bombers of our Imperial IPA and Farm House Saison. For those of you keeping score, that’s about 4,320 bottles, all in a few hours, with zero loss. Hum batta!  (READ ON).

Worthy’s Imperial Red Ale: Bold and Tantalizingly Smooth

This is a big, bold Imperial Red Ale that’s tantalizingly smooth. While its triple digit IBUs suggest another violent “bitter bomb,” the Eruption instead releases onto the palate a glowing stream of balanced, bittersweet goodness that warms without dehydrating the tongue. (READ ON)

  • 100+ IBUs
  • 8.0% ABV
  • 6 Lbs hops/BBL
  • 6 hop varieties

Where Can We Get Worthy?

Exciting news for Worthy beer lovers! Hundreds of retail outlets already carry our canned Worthy IPAEasy Day Kolsch, and Worthy Pale Ale. Today, many of our partners will be stocking their shelves with our just released, first edition 22 ounce bottles of the Worthy Imperial IPA and the Farm Out Saison.

Wait. There’s more. Next week, after a long delay on getting our label approved, we will begin canning our seductively tasty Lights Out Stout. Just in time for the cold season. Sorry for the delay.  Comically, it took  awhile to convince the Feds that our customers would not confuse our Vanilla Cream Extra Stout Lights Out Stout with a light beer. Get ready to warm your cockles with our Lights Out on October 24th.

Be sure to ask for the Worthy portfolio of fine beers whereever you shop. If they don’t currently stock Worthy, please be sure to speak up that you’d like a drink Worthy beer. Let us know what you think.

If you are a retailer who would like to represent the Worthy beer portfolio, please contact Worthy Brewing or Columbia Distributingto find out the details.

Goin Hard at What We Love.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com