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Beer Blast for May 2019

How the Cascade Cycling Classic brought Worthy Brewing to Bend

April 18, 2019 | Curtesy of Heather Clark, CCC

Roger Worthington competed in the Cascade Cycling Classic for the first time back in 1990. He remembers that year well. He would go on to enter the CCC at least two dozen more times,  but it was his debut with the iconic Central Oregon stage race that was most memorable. Or perhaps, least unforgettable.

That’s because in 1990, Roger finished dead last.

Anyone familiar with Roger Worthington — the tenacious and energetic founder of Bend’s Worthy Brewing Co., title sponsor of the 2019 Cascade Cycling Classic — knows that the man has a fierce will to win. According to Roger, flailing in his home state would not stand.

A native Oregonian who was living in Dallas at the time, Roger returned to Texas following his disappointing result, and resolved to improve his climbing.

“I found a hill in Dallas and did it 100 times a couple times a week,” he recalls.

The following year, Roger returned to the CCC and won the highly-competitive masters race — the first of many times he or someone from his team, Labor Power, would claim the top spot on the CCC podium.

Roger credits the Cascade Cycling Classic with helping him become a more complete bike racer, and in many ways, it ultimately changed his life.

“The CCC led me to buy a house here, build a business here, and live my life here,” he says. “Not only was it instrumental, it was pivotal in my decision to locate here.”

Decades later, and the Cascade Cycling Classic remains close to Roger’s heart. In addition to its title sponsorship, Worthy annually brews a special golden ale, Captain Nimrod’s Pound-Flail Ale, a tribute to both the race and to Christopher Hipp, a mentor and cycling teammate of Roger’s who died the day before the 2009 CCC.

In recent years, Roger and Worthy Brewing have also sponsored the race’s “Most Hopped Up Rider” jersey, an award that was bestowed on a stage’s most aggressive rider. He explains that the Hopped Up Rider recognition was in part to acknowledge that professional cyclists are among the world’s most gritty athletes.

During his three decades as a participant and sponsor of the CCC, Roger is still as passionate about the Central Oregon stage race today as he was when he first towed the start line in 1990. His Bend home includes a shrine to the Classic featuring years of event posters, and he says he’s committed to keeping the race thriving for years to come.

“It’s truly an iconic event,” explains Roger. “It’s the Tour de France for pro-am riders — a spectacular and challenging race, that brings out the best in an athlete. I love that fact that it brings the community together and showcases the best we have to offer in Bend, Oregon.

“We are committed to doing whatever we can in perpetuity to keep the race alive,” he continues. “I’m so proud of what (race director) Bart Bowen and the CCC Youth Foundation are doing to get young people involved. And who knows, maybe 30 years from now those kids will be opening a business here because their lives were transformed by this race like mine was.”

Beer Blast for March 2019

Worthy Brewing Launches New Cans in Company Rebrand

BEND, OR. – March 18, 2019 – On Monday, March 25, 2019, Worthy Brewing is soft-launching its new cans, new merchandise, and serious yet playful mantra ‘Earth First. Beer Second.’

“In the past, our cans have always been sort of stand-alone brands,” said Roger Worthington, Worthy’s Owner. “Now, they’re consistent and boldly portray the Worthy logo, making it easier for our customers to find the Worthy six-pack they’re looking for.”

Each can portrays Worthy’s mantra, ‘Earth First. Beer Second.’ on the label, along with Worthy’s commitment, ‘Worthy donates a % of sales to Earth-friendly non-profits,’ which speaks to Worthy’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

“I’ve always been an advocate for our planet and science education,” said Worthington. “We continue to take baby steps in the right direction. We all believe in it. And it just makes sense to communicate that commitment through our branding and cans.”

“Our new cans were hand-drawn by local artist and outdoor enthusiast, Paul Leighton, who is also a good friend of Roger’s,” said Meghan Hoey, Worthy’s Director of Marketing. “Each can represents a piece of Worthy’s identity – and together, they help tell Worthy’s story.”

Analyzing consumer insights and market trends, Worthy’s leadership team kept three of Worthy’s year-round styles in ongoing production: Worthy IPA, Lights Out Stout and its flagship Strata IPA. Brand new to the core line-up are: Secret Spot Pacific Pale and Sol Power Pilsner.

When asking Worthy’s Head Brewer Zach Brenneman about both Secret Spot and Sol Power, he said that both beers are lower in ABV but still boast all of the complex flavors and aromas that you expect out of great craft beers. On the Secret Spot he said, “It’s a beer you can drink after your trail run – and then have one [or two] more.”

And true to Worthy’s commitment in sourcing local, the Sol Power Pilsner features malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malts out of Madras, Oregon. “This Pilsner gets its flavor from Mecca Grade malts and a concentration of aroma hops,” Brenneman said. “You get more lemon, citrus and grassy notes, giving this pilsner a familiar local flavor.”

Speaking to the design of each can, Hoey shares that the Worthy IPA can represents Worthy’s commitment to source locally and support its Northwest neighbors first. She also shares that Worthy’s fan favorite, Lights Out Stout, showcases Worthy’s Hopservatory, a unique, one-of-a-kind observatory that lets its guests experience the humbling beauty and diversity of space, while inspiring those who visit to take care of our planet. Worthy’s other cans boast equally thought-provoking visuals and messages.

“At Worthy, we want to enhance the guest experience, and also do the right thing by Mother Earth,” Worthington said.

In addition to new cans, Worthy’s rebrand also includes new artwork throughout its pubs, noticeable updates to its website, refreshed and aligned marketing collateral, and overall brand strategy.

“Worthy has always been a proponent of green technologies and practices,” Hoey said, “but those efforts weren’t promoted consistently to our guests and community. Now they are and we’ve made it our mission to continue to operate as responsibly and sustainably as we can – and share our learnings and progress with our fellow craft breweries and pubs. It’s not enough that we’re trying our best – we want others to join in too. Together we’ll be stronger, and better poised to be responsible, active members of our community.”

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, Worthy Brewing is hosting an Earth Day Celebration party at its east side location to celebrate the release of its new cans and its mantra, ‘Earth First. Beer Second.’

“Our decision to release our cans around Earth Day is intentional,” Hoey said. “This release party is a great way to present our new cans, engage with our community, and enjoy fun and educational activities that connect us back to our land and our home. And of course, we can’t wait to have Precious Byrd take the stage!”

Worthy is partnering with The Environmental Center to give Bend an entire day’s worth of activities that are focused on Earth Day. Following The Environmental Center’s Earth Day parade and fair, Worthy invites you to head on over for a full afternoon and evening of entertainment.

Bend Bulletin Article

Bend Magazine Write-up

Beer Blast for February 2019

Worthy Now an Official PakTech Drop-off Location

What does this mean?

You can return all PakTech handles, even if they’re from another brewery, to Worthy’s recycling bin.

Do other plastics go into the bin?

No. Just PakTech can carriers. The carriers are made from 100% post-consumer material, repurposed from other plastic materials such as milk jugs. Thus, to responsibly recycle & repurpose the carriers, they cannot be mixed with other plastics.

Then what?

When Worthy receives enough carriers to fill its van, Worthy delivers the carriers to PakTech’s facility in Eugene.

What happens to the carriers?

PakTech then repurposes the carriers and turns them into things like pipe, composite lumber and planter pots. Zero waste.

Bend Bulletin Write-up

For more information, visit: www.paktech-opi.com/recycle/  

Beer Blast for November 29, 2018

2017 Vintage of Barrel Aged Dark Muse Imperial Stout Makes its Debut

A Dark Indulgence for the Holidays

After months of waiting, sitting patiently in bourbon barrels stashed away at Worthy Brewing, the 2017 vintage of Dark Muse Imperial Stout has emerged with rich flavors of chocolate, vanilla and caramel- and is now ready for enjoying.

Worthy’s holiday staple, developed by Worthy’s original head brewer Chad Kennedy, is a nod to the barrel aging tradition, stowing a full-bodied beer in bourbon barrels to mellow and develop new flavors.

“We start with a pretty huge Imperial Stout that we age in bourbon barrels every year,” explained Zach Brenneman, Worthy Brewing’s Head Brewer. “We do a limited amount. One batch off of our production system, then hand-wax the bottles for your drinking and aging pleasure.”

Kelly Ward, Worthy Staff Beer Educator

While the recipe varies slightly each year based on the barrels acquired, this 2017 batch was tucked away in 30 Kentucky Bourbon barrels to age for 10 months. In the dark, it matured into Dark Muse.

“We lovingly neglect this beautiful beer in a deep, dark, cold corner of our cellar,” said Kelly Ward, Worthy Brewing’s Beer Educator. “Aging this way allows this already luscious beer to mellow. You’ll notice a melding of flavors like bourbon, chocolate, vanilla and coffee,” explained Ward.

Time is the ultimate ingredient for this specialty brew. On first sip, you’re hit with the taste of bourbon and oak, but then the flavors melt into caramel, chocolate and vanilla with a full, warm, boozy mouthfeel. There’s no mistake that there’s alcohol in this holiday indulgence, especially since it clocks in at 11.3% ABV.

Every aspect of Dark Muse is decadent, especially the hand-dipped gold wax topping the bottle, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The waxed top creates a stronger seal for the cap and prevents oxidation of the beer as it ages in the bottle. So, when aging at home, be sure to keep the bottle upright and away from light.

“We encourage you to age our Dark Muse,” said Ward. “Set a couple bottles aside for holidays to come. When properly cellared in the cold and dark, the flavor profile of this luxurious beer mellows and melds into divine drink-ability. The rich notes of chocolate malt and bourbon achieve true harmony rounding out the flavors in this gorgeous beer.”

Hand-dipping the 2017 vintage of Dark Muse.

Regarding how long to age your Muse, Ward recommends setting a bottle (or two) aside for one to two years. “It’s not like it’s going to go bad if you let it go longer,” explained Ward, “I think the arc of flavor peaks around two years.”

If you’re looking for another way to enjoy your bottle of Dark Muse, Ward recommends a dark take on a White Russian.

Dark Muse White Russian (The Dude)

1 oz Dark Muse

1 oz Vodka

1 oz Kahlúa

1 oz cream or eggnog

Pour over ice and enjoy

To get your hands on this seasonal batch, swing by the Worthy Brewing Pub where 22oz bottles of the 2017 and just a few 2016 bottles (which were recently discovered hidden away in the brewery), are available for a limited time.

Beer Blast for March 9, 2018

Early Wins in 2018!

Worthy Beer Blast for March 9, 2018

Prefunk is Pure Gold

Prefunk Pale Ale took gold at the Oregon Beer Awards in February. This tasty liquid-gold brew includes Pacific Northwest malts that provide a balanced taste and mouthfeel, rounded by a smooth caramel background. Made with Citra and Amarillo hops, it finishes with a juicy hop burst with hints of tangerine, grapefruit and lingering deliciousness.

A go-to favorite for the brew team due to its overall drinkability and harmony. When asked about this year’s win, Dustin Kellner said: “Having been involved with the OBA competition for the last 3 years, I’m aware at how truly difficult it is to impress the discriminating palate of my fellow Oregon brewers. That makes this win all the more special to myself and our hardworking crew.”

You can drink the same Prefunk that won the gold in 6-pack cans and on draft throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California. Brewed for what’s hoppenin’!

Kama Citrus IPA Coming Mid-March

Our freshly revised Kama Citrus IPA is making its seasonal debut next week. What a name. It’s hard to not get excited about it. “This year we are going bigger on the fruit flavor,” said Zach Brenneman, our Head Brewer. “But the bitterness will remain subdued. We changed up the recipe in the pursuit of a sweeter, ‘date-night’ beer.’ This year we added Blood Orange and Guava – two tropical heavyweights. Appearance wise, it clocks in on the cloudier side of clarity. Overall, we think this is a beer that will help you connect with what and who you love.”

Aside from the new fruit additions, the re-romanced Kama includes a balanced blend of Ekuanot, Amarillo, and Mandarina Bavaria hops. All in all, more juice, less bitterness, more satisfaction. The perfect beer to fall in love with this season.

Bend friends, stop by the Pub on March 16th for our official launch party. Enjoy $3 Kama pints all night long, dance the night away with tunes from JuJu Eyeball, an Old Fashioned inspired Kama Cocktail, and enjoy terrific food pairings at this built in date night event. Additional release parties are in the works in Eugene, Portland, and Vancouver. Make sure to follow us on
Social media for dates and times for these events.

Kama Citrus will be available in 12-ounce bottles in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California this March 19th thru September.

Good Beer Matters

It’s more than just Water, Barley, Hops, and Yeast at Worthy Brewing. Each glass tells a story.

Our founder, Roger Worthington, sat down with Jeremy Storten from the new Good Beer Matters podcast to discuss this special place we call Beertopia and the vision and inspiration behind it all. Check out the podcast to learn a little bit more of what makes Worthy Brewing the place where beer lovers and dreamers come to get inspired and stop by to experience our own version of Disneyland for adults.

Listen to podcast >>

Worthy’s Heart & Soul

The innovation never stops. Our 5-barrel pilot brew system is the Heart and Soul of Worthy. This is where our brewers get to mix up the medicine and make the magic.

What makes the Heart & Soul series pub beers so special? Just ask our Head Brewer, Zach Brenneman. “Our pilot system is like a brewer’s fun machine. Or ‘happy place.’ Every beer we get off of that system is potentially worthy of a production beer.”

“Sorry guys, no kettle soured production beers – but perhaps in the next few months we’ll brew one up on our pilot. It’s fun but also rewarding to be able to get instant feedback from our loyal and highly discriminating pub customers. The pub is our proving ground. We have run numerous R&D batches through the pub, notably for Stoker and our continually rising star – Strata. Strata came through the pub as ‘Hop Star’ (foreshadowing anyone?) in three different versions before we had all the information we needed to launch it in draft on our production system.”

Heart & Soul beers releasing this month…
Nitro Stout, Tex Mex Lager, & a Hazy IPA

Yes, it’s that chilly time of the year for a smooth and velvety nitro stout. Ringing in at an “I’ll have
another” 4.9% ABV, our “Black Hole Sun” will go fast. We’re also stoked about our upcoming Tex Mex Lager – look for that to hit the pub later this month. We’ll offer Tex-Mex as a draft-only production beer in the coming months to our distributors. Finally, in response to our customers’ requests, we’re brewing up a cloudy, Hazy IPA that’s sure to expand your mind.

Star Bar Updates

This summer make sure you add the Star Bar to your list of date night staples. The Star Bar is our 21+ open-air mezzanine bar on the 2nd floor of our main pub. Entering its second season, we are in full planning mode for this year’s opening and have a lot planned for this season. Think of the Star Bar as your go-to date night destination this summer.

Want a teaser of what’s in store? We are creating a special Star Bar only menu that will include uniquely crafted cocktails, all of your Worthy Beer favorites, and elevated small plates. What makes this a great date night place you ask? Picture our out of this world starry views paired with a warm fire, a delicious beverage, and nothing but your loved one to share the experience with.

We are tentatively scheduled to open for the season this June. Stay tuned for updates.

We Are Worthy – Meet Kyle Nicholson

We are excited to welcome Kyle Nicholson our new Executive Chef to the Worthy family! Kyle has spent the past 15 years exploring his passion and commitment to food and sustainability in the Northwest.

Why Worthy? “It’s easy. We share the same passion and vision. Like our founder, Roger Worthington, I want to leave the world a little better than I found it, one meal at a time.”

In line with our mission to make Worthy an example of a sustainable business that integrates with our community and contributes to the holistic cycle, Kyle plans to implement partnerships with local purveyors and showcase Oregon’s bounty through food and experiences. Kyle further stated, “I’m truly inspired by the opportunity to have a team and resources to create something unique and grow with the dynamic community of Bend.”

In the next few months, Kyle plans to put his years of experience to work and build a foundation that leads to success in achieving our collective vision. He has big plans for the new spring menu, event space menu’s and is working on fine tuning the food offerings for Taps & Tacos. With Kyle at the helm, Worthy will be able to differentiate ourselves for others in the market and truly be a Green Brewpub with integrity and high quality that puts energy back in, wherever possible.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for February 1, 2018

5th Anniversary Happenings, Strata IPA Wins Silver, Litigator Officially Releases

Worthy Beer Blast for February 1, 2018

Strata IPA Takes Silver

Strata IPA continues to dazzle and delight! Strata IPA just won a silver medal at this years Best of Craft Beer Awards. Featuring the multi-layered, all purpose Strata hop (formerly x-331) crafted by Oregon State and Indie Hops, this beer has it all! With grapefruit, pineapple, passion fruit, and pine on the tongue and the outer rim detections of peaches and juicy fruit gum, there’s something for everyone. Find your own flavor in this unique and amazingly well-balanced IPA. It’s “terpelicious!”

We will be releasing Strata IPA in 12 ounce cans this Fall soon after the August hop harvest. Currently, our crew of creatives are feverishly working on an out of this world can design we think you’ll love. Haven’t given this one a try yet?  Find your nearest location here.

Launching in Fall – HOP Star IPA

When Worthy opened it’s doors in 2013, we made a promise: we will bring new and exciting hop flavors to the pint glass. We won’t bring sand to the beach, we said.

We want to bring the best tasting experimental hops to you, whether they make the final cut or not.  Our delivery system? Worthy Hop Star IPA. The star of the show, after all, is the hop, whether a stand-alone wonder, like Strata, or a blend of good-to-great hops that together build a gold medal beer.

Worthy Hop Star IPA will land in stores fall 2018 as a 6-pack bottle. Draft versions will arrive this summer.

Hop Star will not bring sand to the beach. Each pint will contain a fresh new flavor, in addition to a whole lot of patience and testing. With a little luck, it may also launch a new star in the constellation of worthy beers. Read more …

Litigator Uncompromising IPA Release

We are officially releasing our new Imperial IPA this week! Stop by the pub starting February 2nd to get a taste before it hits stores and draft locations starting the week of February 12th.

This limited-edition tropical Imperial IPA includes 7 hops in total including Mosaic, Citrus, Amarillo, Simcoe, El Dorado, Ekuanot, and Azacca. Big bold flavor with hints of mango and melon.

Because when you need a big and bold Imperial IPA, don’t settle. Reach for a 22oz bottle of The Litigator, Worthy’s Uncompromising Imperial IPA.

We will be donating a portion of all profits to a number of non-profits who offer legal services to support the abused and betrayed.

For local tasting opportunities and where to buy visit our website for up to date info!

Kama Citrus IPA – Keep Innovating

This year we are relaunching our new and improved Kama Citrus IPA. We re-romanced the recipe to better satisfy that equatorial urge for tropical blood orange and pink guava flavors. What inspired Dustin Kellner, Worthy’s Brewmaster, to freshen up our favorite “date night” IPA? “We like to keep things fresh, exciting, and topical,” he said. “As a brewer, there’s nothing better than experimenting with new ingredients and coming up with something to restoke the passions. We love it and hope our customers will too.”

Available in 12 ounce bottles in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California this March to September. This Spring, love the beer you’re with!

Worthy Brewing Turns 5!

The celebration kicks off this Friday, February 2nd.

Our brew team is releasing three (3) great brews to commemorate our 5th birthday.

Special taps include: 

The official release of Litigator Imperial IPA, 5th Anniversary Pilot Brew (Hazy IPA), and a Barrel Aged Coffee version of our Lights Out Stout on NITRO!

FREE commerative pint glass with purchase of one of these great special release beers, while supplies last.

At Our Pub This Month

ZWICKELMANIA 2018 – February 24th, 11am to 4pm
Join us once again for the The Great Statewide & Brewery House Party Zwickelmania! Meet our Brewmaster, Dustin Kellner and the rest of the brew team as you enjoy beer samples and food pairings courtesy of The Sparrow Bakery, a brewery tour, and a chance at the prize wheel! Event Details.

Special offer for all Polar Plunge participants! Come to Worthy after your plunge and receive a complimentary 6-pack of Powder Keg Winter Ale. All you need to do is show us your Plunge Badge. Minimum food purchase required. One 6 pack per plungee.

HUMANE SOCIETY PUP CRAWL – February 20th, 4-8pm
If you are taking part in the annual “Pup Crawl” this year make sure to add Worthy to your list of places to visit. $2 pints will be offered at the event for participants! If you are not taking part in this event you can still get $2 pints by simply donating money to the Humane Society the night of the event.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for January 15, 2018

Winter Continues!

Worthy Beer Blast for January 15, 2018

A Worthy Winter Photo Contest

#worthywinter continues…keep taking those photos of your favorite winter activity with your favorite Worthy brew! For the month of January & February we will pick the best photo each month and the winner will receive a $100 Worthy gift card.

Full details on our website.

New Year, New Beer

This year, we will be updating a few of our seasonal beer recipes and adding in a few different styles to the rotation. We can’t wait for your to try what we have in store. View all the details on our 2018 Beer Calendar.


Worthy Brewing Turns 5

The celebration kicks of on Friday, February 2nd.

Our brew team will release three (3) great brews to commemorate our 5th birthday.

Special taps include: the official release of Litigator Imperial IPA, 5th Anniversary Pilot Brew, and a Barrel Aged Coffee version of our Lights Out Stout.

More details will be posted on our website and social media.

Peace PipePorter Pouring @ Mt. Bachelor

Stop by one of the four (4) bars at Mt. Bachelor in between runs and try our delicious cocoa porter. Milk chocolate with a slight hint of graham cracker on the nose and flavors of fudgesicle and toasted hazelnuts finish dry with lingering chocolate. Pairs well with snow, cheers!




PreFunk Pale Ale On Tap @ Cascade West

Start your next night out with a little PreFunk! Pacific Northwest malts provide a balanced taste and mouthfeel, rounded by a smooth caramel background. Made with Citra and Amarillo hops, it finishes with a juicy hop burst with hints of tangerine, lychee, and pink lemonade. Pairs well with fried chicken!


Every month the Pub releases beers from our 5 barrel pilot brew system. These beers are one-offs that may never be released commercially, but allows our brew team to experiment with new herbs, fruits, malts, and just about anything that tastes good.

On tap now: 
Don’t Bock Down – a malt forward beers with toffee and chocolate notes that lead the way in this roasty and less than traditional bock.

Badlands Blonde – Feeling charitable? Then why not drink the high desert. All proceeds from this rose-hip and elderberry-infused blonde will be donated to support.

Gaining a Cosmic Perspective-Our place in the Universe

Register today! http://uoalumni.com/cosmicperspective

A one of a kind fundraiser on January 20th at 5:30pm.  All proceeds go to support the Worthy Garden Club and Pine Mountain Observatory.

Dr. Scott Fisher will present a public-level talk that contains pictures and videos from observatories like the Hubble Space Telescope, Dr. Fisher will reveal the wonders of the Universe through a lecture on what he calls “The Cosmic Perspective”. The main goal of the lecture will be to connect us to the Universe we inhabit through the use of an easy-to-grasp scale that relates the actual size of the Universe to the audience.

After the presentation attendee’s will receive an observatory and brewery tour.

Come down to the pub on Tuesday, February 6th to support our Pint Night for Buckingham Elementary. $1 of every pint sold will be donated to support their S.T.E.M. Program. 


Stay up to date on the latest beer releases and happenings at the Pub by texting “WORTHY” to 474747.

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for July 3, 2017

Summer of Love

Beer Blast for July 3, 2017

Craft is a Badge of Honor. Earn it. Wear it

A few days ago the Brewers Association, which represents the interests of small and independent U.S. craft breweries, announced that it is debuting a seal or shield (see the bottom image to the right on the blog) which it encourages craft breweries to proudly display.
Count Worthy in.

The timing is perfect. Worthy recently suggested to our own local guild – the Central Oregon Brewer’s Guild (COBG) – that it pursue a shield to differentiate between real craft breweries and the fake ones, i.e., the wholly or partially owned subsidiaries of foreign owned mega-conglomerates.

See the suggested “Indie Craft” shield to the right. Read more…

Not A Lotta Strata, but We’ll Brew What We Gotta

Ok hop fans here’s the skinny.

We’re fielding alot of questions on why we are not bottling or canning Strata IPA. The Indie Pale Ale, as well as it’s namesake hop, are both developing fan clubs. It’s an Indie Pale Ale, as opposed to India, because as previously reported the hop is the brainchild of Indie Hops and Oregon State.

Some beer lovers say it’s the uniquely satisfying grapefruit, mango and pine flavor. For others it’s the smooth, dank finish. The brewers are loving it’s one-stop-shop versatility, whether as an aroma or bittering hop. Read more…

Gary’s In The House! Stage Set at Worthy for Pre-Ride Party

On July 7th, Worthy Brewing will again host the Tour Des Chutes packet pick-up party. Participants can enjoy a complimentary pint of the 5th annual “Gary’s No Quit Wit,” brewed in honor of living legend Gary Bonacker, the resilient founder of the 13th annual TDC.

“Gary’s one of a kind. He’s charming, hilarious, sweet and tough as a ten cent steak,” said Roger Worthington, the founder of Worthy Brewing.

“The best part of my summer is the Tour Des Chutes, not only because I love the ride, the solidarity and the hope and help it sends, but also because we get to brew another batch of my favorite summer beer – Gary’s No Quit Wit. The guy’s a beauty and we’re darn lucky to have him around.”

The “Gary’s in the House” party starts at 11 a.m. and goes to 9 p.m.  Worthy urges you to get there early to avoid the long lines. Read more…

Worthy Solar Eclipse Week: See the Light

Worthy Brewing is pleased to announce the Worthy Solar Eclipse week, August 16-21, presented by the Worthy Garden Club (WGC). The theme of the special program is “See the Light.”

Starting on August 16th, for five consecutive nights before the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, the WGC will be hosting speakers from various disciplines who will address a number of provocative topics.

The speakers will include astronomists, hydrologists, historians, educators and at least one cosmic contrarian. Topics range from “Eclipse Craziness,” to “The Search for E.T.” to “Darkness in Daytime” to “Why Colonize Outer Space?”

The talks, which are geared for the entire family, will take place in Worthy Brewing’s “Hop Mahal” Banquet Hall. Space is limited so we encourage an early arrival.  Admission is free.

Good Citizen Big IPA

“Silence like a cancer grows…”
Paul Simon, “Sound of Silence”

We lost two good citizens recently. Another was seriously hurt. All three were bludgeoned in a Portland MAX light-rail train when they stood up to a lunatic’s hate, bigotry and hostility.

Rick John Best, age 53, an army veteran and the father of four, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, age 23, a recent Reed College graduate, died. Micah Fletcher, age 21, is now recovering from his knife wounds.

Three ordinary Americans who did something that seems extraordinary in these tumultuous times: they stepped in to protect two young women who were being attacked ostensibly because of their religion and nationality.

What’s the Buzz?

Events Scheduled at Worthy

July 4 – Red, White and Brews-Live Music: Strive Roots 5-7pm; Jive Coulis 7:30-10:00pm

July 5 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-Pitchfork Revolution 6-9pm

July 7 – Tour des Chutes Packet Pick up Party- 11-9  Live Music-Parlour 6-8pm

July 12 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-G-Bots and the Journeymen 6-9pm

July 19 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-Mexican Gunfight 6-9pm

July 23 – Cascade Cycling Classic “Drink Up. Dream On. After Party”-Music Special Guest-JuJu Eyeballs-6-9pm

July 25 – Worthy Twilight Tunes- Benefitting Family Habitat for Humanity-Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-Brewers Grade 6-9pm

July 26 – Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage-KC Flynn 6-9pm

Click here for more upcoming Worthy Events!

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for April 28, 2017

When It Rains, It Shines

Worthy Beer Blast for April 28, 2017

Strata IPA On The Rise

It pays to be prudent, if not skeptical. Is this beer really that good? Does the new hop really make a difference? Will beer lovers really love it?

Worthy has been working closely with our friends at Oregon State University and Indie Hops on pilot brewing with their new hop, X-331, which IH is naming “Strata.” This is the new open-pollinated Perle with the tropical, terpiffic, multi-layered flavor profile that’s been generating a bit of buzz recently. To Lean more, Read on …

Stoker Red On Fire

Worthy’s new release, Stoker Red Ale, continues to light it up. We released this hoppy red ale a few months ago in 12 ounce cans to fill the need for drinkable reds that deliver a crafty hop punch.

Based on retail and draft sales, and customer feedback, we are stoked.

At the Earth Day Brewshed Brewfest last week in Springfield, the people spoke. They awarded Stoker Red first place in the inaugural brewfest against 17 other brews.

The Brewshed Brewfest was sponsored by the Oregon Brewshed Alliance in an effort to raise money for Oregon Wild, a non-profit working hard to keep our waters wild, fresh, pristine and brewable. Read more…

What’s Cooking?

Planning a party? Worthy’s new banquet hall, the marvelous Hop Mahal, is now open and ready to spark and feed your imagination.

We think you’ll like it. Check out the repurposed barn wood, certified Cuckoo Wood and enchanted art work, featuring “Andy Warhops,” “Klanks,” “It’s Easy if You Try,” and “The Big Bang.”

Discover Beertopia – A place for epiphanies.

​In next month, we plan on opening up the upstairs “Star Bar,” an adult only mezzanine with a clear view of the Cascade Mountains as well as the sound stage in our beer garden.

If the weather cooperates, which it will, we are pleased to announce that the Hopservatory, which is operated by the Worthy Garden Club, a 501©(3) non profit, will also open. With the help of The Obervatory at Sunriver, the Worthy Garden Club will be offering tours of the cosmos.

To learn more or plan an event, please call the Worthy Event Team at 541.639.4776, ext 226, or email events@worthybrewing.com.

More Beer Please

After maxing out it’s original brewhouse from 2013, Worthy has made the jump. We’ve added a ton of new equipment. The new shiny toys will allow Worthy to hit North of 40,000 barrels.

Take a trip inside the brewhouse with Dustin Kellner, Worthy’s Master Brewer. In Bay No. 1, we’ve upgraded every tank, except for two. And we have begun to build out Bay No. 2 with three Big Bertha 240 bbl fermenters and one shiny 240 bbl brite tank.

Those two original tanks? They’ll help Worthy continue to brew specialty smaller batch beers whenever it strikes our fancy. The Big Mothers will help us meet a growing demand in existing markets, which include Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California.

As always, we appreciate your support. For a real live, in person tour, give us a call.

Fake Craft? Follow the Money

Does it matter to you where your “beer money” goes?

Do you care if the bottle or can of beer you’re about to buy, the label on which looks and sounds crafty, is in fact fully or partially owned by a gargantuan, multi-headed foreign conglomerate?

Do you hope and believe that by buying that “crafty” beverage you’re supporting local jobs? Local “Mom and Pops?” Local values? Local non-profits?

Do you “vote with your dollars” and try to make choices that favor the homegrown Davids against the corporate Goliaths?  Read more…

What’s the Buzz?

Events Scheduled at Worthy

Every Wed., 7-9 pm – Geeks Who Drink Trivia Contest, Hop Mahal

May 2, 5:30-7 pm – “Saisons: Farm to Funk” Beer Styles Night with Beer Guru Kelly Ward in the Hop Mahal

May 22, 7 pm – Central Oregon Beer Week in the Hop Mahal

June 3 – Starting Line for the Bend Beer Chase

June 24 – Summer Solstice Kick Off Party with Jelly Bread on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage

June 28 – Kick-off to Worthy Wednesdays Live Music on the Worthy Beer Garden Sound Stage

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com

Beer Blast for February 1, 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

Worthy Beer Blast for February 1, 2017

You Say it’s Your Birthday…

… It’s our Birthday too, yeah! To celebrate, we’ve brewed two special beers – our annual GTX Go Time Xtra Pale, and Crashworthy Golden Ale. From the kitchen we’ll be serving beer-focused specials all week. Mark the event with our commemorative Worthy pint glass, available on a first-come first-serve basis.

To learn more, click here

Introducing StrataSphere IPA

Four years ago Worthy announced we would not be bringing sand to the beach. Our goal was unique beers using brand new hops that we had a hand in breeding. Introducing StrataSphere IPA, utilizing the new multi-layered one-stop dual purpose hop, Strata. Pineapple, peach and watermelon aroma with a whiff of herbal dankness. It’s the talk of the town.

Read more here

What’s Cooking?

We’re adding a fifth can to our stellar line-up this spring. Introducing Stoker Red Ale, a beer designed to stoke the passions of hop and malt lovers. Stoker Red will be available in 12-ounce cans this April.

Click through & see the cool art

Beertopia Lifts Off

The Hop Mahal and Beermuda Triangle are ready to host your events. The Star Bar will open when the snow melts. The Hopservatory is on the cusp of raising your cosmic consciousness – as soon as our research grade telescope arrives, which should be any day now.

Discover Beertopia for yourself

What’s the Buzz?

Every Wed., 7-9 pm – Geeks Who Drink Trivia

Feb. 4-5, all day – Golden 4th Anniversary Party

Feb. 23, 5-9 pm – Pup Crawl

Feb. 25,11 am-4 pm – Zwicklemania

Feb. 27 from 5-9 pm – ONDA Beer Release Party

Worthy Brewing Co. | 495 NE Bellevue Dr. | Bend, Oregon
541.647.6970 | worthybrewing.com