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What Wolves Can Tell Us About the World’s Health

Tue, 29 May 2018 18:55:00

Fellow Worthlings:

On behalf of the Worthy Garden Club, you and yours are invited to attend this compelling lecture:


“What Wolves can tell us about the World’s Health: How the Yellowstone Experiment Led to the Second Warning to Humanity.”

Presented by Dr. Bill Ripple, Oregon State University
Sponsored by The Worthy Garden Club
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 @ 7 pm
Worthy Brewing Co. / Bend, Oregon

The Worthy Garden Club is excited to sponsor the important work Dr. Bill Ripple,the distinguished professor of ecology in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University. His latest research involves studying the conservation of megafauna (large carnivores and large herbivores) around the world.

​He recently published “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, A Second Notice,” which rapidly spread around the globe and garnered over 20,000 endorsements, the most widely supported scientific journal ever.

The overwhelming support led to the formation of the “Alliance of World Scientists.” The AWS is a new grass roots international assembly of scientists whose mission is the prevention of widespread misery caused by catastrophic damage to the biosphere through the adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable practices.


Dr. Ripple will present his work on how the re-introduction of wolves in the Yellowstone National Park impacted the health of the ecosystem. Ripple will illustrate how he transitioned from Yellowstone to other national parks in western North America and beyond to demonstrate both the benefits of large mammals and the costs of their demise.

He will disclose how his conservation research and general concern about the global environment and climate change led to him writing the ” Second Notice,” which follows up on the seminal work by Carl Sagan, E.O. Wilson et al in 1992. As a health check-up for planet Earth, this provocative article has reached millions of people and is one of the most widely discussed and endorsed scientific articles of recent times.

More than simply diagnosing the problems, Dr. Ripple offers numerous small to large scale changes we as individuals and a society can pursue now, immediately, in order to reverse the dismal trends.

Please join us.

Grant Tandy, grant@worthygardenclub.com
541.647.6970 ext 220

The Admission is Free.

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It’s our golden birthday!

Tue, 31 Jan 2017 18:50:00


​Worthy Brewing turns four years old this February and to celebrate our Golden Birthday we’ll be offering special beers, food pairings, and commemorative swag all day on February 4th and 5th at our restaurant on Bend’s East side.Brewmaster Dustin Kellner and his team will be re-releasing our first ever beer, the GTX Go Time Xtra Pale Ale on the 4th, Worthy’s birthday. The next day will be pouring from our Heart & Soul pilot series a special pub one-off – Crashworthy Golden Ale.

“I am so proud of our restaurant and brewery staff,” glowed Roger Worthington, Worthy’s founder. “Through all the ups and downs, we’ve kept our eye on the prize – to bring our customers drink worthy beer, praiseworthy food, and an overall podium-worthy dining and drinking experience.”

“Our resilience reminds me of what Ma Joad said to her outlaw son at the end of The Grapes of Wrath. To paraphrase, nothing can whip us, wipe us out or lick us. We’ll go on forever, ‘cause we’re the people. Heck, we could drive this thing off a cliff, and our people would get up, dust themselves off and jump right back in the game. That’s grit. That’s conviction. That’s esprit de corps. And that’s what we have here. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Kellner describes CrashWorthy Golden Ale as a light bodied and crisp golden with a healthy dose of Crystal and Citra hops for a big floral and grapefruit finish. At 5.8% and 28 IBU’s, this is a well-balanced and easy drinking compliment to the GTX, which seems to get bigger with each anniversary celebration.

Customers can purchase a commemorative anniversary glass for $6, which includes one fill of any Worthy beer currently on tap.

To go along with the birthday brews, our Head Chef Dirk Baxter has prepared a special menu including Tex-Mex style nachos, a mouth-watering prime rib sandwich and a potentially life altering Lights Out Stout infused Beer-a-Misu.

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On the Hop Docket – The Litigator Uncompromising Imperial IPA. Don’t Settle.

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 18:50:00

​    “The first thing we do, let’s love all the lawyers.”
William Shakespeare, Henry VI, 1591When you need a big and balanced Imperial IPA, don’t settle.  Reach for a bottle of The Litigator, Worthy’s Uncompromising Imperial IPA.Wait. The Litigator? Isn’t that a … trial lawyer? WTF? Doesn’t everybody hate lawyers?  They’re scum. Parasites. Bottom Feeders. Ambulance chasers. Paper pushers. Shysters. Stuffed Shirts. Pettifoggers. Sharks. Jacklegs.

They embellish the facts.  Hmmm. That quote. Did Billy the Shake really say that?

Ok, lawyers are an unpopular lot (until you need one). Granted, the name or label may not evoke the warm and fuzzy’s (although my strategically deranged colleagues will appreciate Mr. Smiley). But the beer. Is it any good?

On that count there is no dispute.  For this project, Worthy called out it’s Hop Bomb Dismantling Squad. The mission: big and bold tropical fruit flavor without the exploding your tongue to smithereens. We ladled in judicious amounts of all the goodies: Amarillo, Simcoe, Azaca, El Dorado, Ekuanot, Citra and Mosaic.

The verdict? You decide, but we think it’s a crushing win for life, liberty and the pursuit of hoppiness.  A respectable 8.1% ABV with a deceivingly pleasant 81 IBU.

So, at your next dinner party, when the food, drink and barbs are flying, hold court with a bottle of The Litigator. Since we know most reasonably prudent beer lovers hate lawyers, if you’re confident enough to want it, we’re going to make you work for it.  We will be offering The Litigator at our pub only.

But if you really think you can handle The Truth, we’ll distribute it to you on an invitation only basis. Please give us a ring at 541.639.4776. We will also be offering The Litigator at select bottle shops in Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Bend and Seattle.

Worthy will be donating a generous portion of any profit (hey, call me a dreamer) to a number of non-profits who serve the abused and betrayed.

May it Please the Court!

Roger Worthington, Esq.

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Launching Soon — Worthy Hop Star IPA

When Worthy opened it’s doors in 2013, we made a promise: we will bring new and exciting hop flavors to the pint glass. We won’t bring sand to the beach, we said.

The confidence in our mission was emboldened by our owner’s investment in the Aroma Hop Breeding Program at Oregon State University. Earlier, in 2009, Roger Worthington and Jim Solberg launched Indie Hops, which in turn created and funded the pioneering program in Corvallis.

It turns out breeding hops takes time — especially if you want those hops to have high disease resistance, reliable agronomics, robust yields, and unique and tasty flavors.

It’s been a slow ride, but we’re getting there. Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to pilot brew with experimental hops that have emerged from the breeding program. Some have passed the taste test and moved up the ladder for more testing, only to be scrapped later because the yields were irreparably low, or they were prone to unmitigable disease.

Without a doubt, hop breeding and selection favors the strong and the tasty.  It’s all or nothing. A winning commercially viable new hop has to score an A across the board.  At the same time, a lot of great aroma hops which did not make the agronomic cut were still taste worthy.

We want to bring the best tasting x-hops to you, whether they make the final cut or not.  Our delivery system? Worthy Hop Star IPA.  The star of the show, after all, is the hop, whether a stand-alone wonder, like Strata, or a blend of good-to-great hops that together build a gold medal beer.

Throughout the year we will pilot test brews using x-hops in combination with proven performers. We will also use hop blends with proven and up-and-coming “Unobtanium” hops in the pursuit of that amazing new and mouthwatering flavor. Our goal will be to source as many x-hops as available from the OSU-Indie Hops aroma breeding program.

Hop Star will show variations from batch to batch, but overall the brilliant hop flavors will shine through. We will rely on a number of workhorse hops to provide a citrusy flavor and aroma baseline.

We’ll share some of our secrets, and let you know the x-hops in your beer with a link on the packaging. We welcome your feedback, which we will happily share with our hopped up friends at OSU and Indie Hops.

Worthy Hop Star IPA will land in stores in fall 2018 as a 6-pack bottle. Draft versions will arrive this summer.

Hop Star will not bring sand to the beach. Each pint will contain a fresh new flavor, in addition to a whole lot of patience and testing. With a little luck, it may also launch a new star in the constellation of worthy beers.

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Worthy Launches Strata IPA in 22 oz Bottles

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 18:55:00

BEND, OR. – September 20, 2017 – This week, Worthy Brewing began bottling Strata IPA, the award-winning beer that features the new, multi-layered aroma hop created by Oregon State University and Indie Hops.

“This is a proud day for Worthy, as well as for all the scientists, students, farmers and brewers who helped select, cultivate and polish Strata, formerly known as X-331,” said Roger Worthington, owner of Worthy Brewing. “Corvallis has been a Garden of Hop Eden for decades and we’re happy to see OSU add another buzzworthy hop to its trophy cabinet.”

Strata IPA has it all. From terra firma, it has notes of pineapple and watermelon, with a whiff of herbal dankness. From the jungle canopy, the citrusy flavor of mango and passion fruit. And from the outer rim, delightful hints of peaches and pine.

After launching as a draft-only offering earlier this year, Strata IPA has racked up several awards, including a gold medal at the Oregon Beer Awards in the hoppy sessionable ale category.  At 6.5% ABV and 60 IBU, Strata IPA is an amazingly well-balanced beer with a unique, “terpelicious” aroma.

Dustin Kellner, Brewmaster at Worthy Brewing states: “Getting access to this hop during its “X” phase was exciting for our brew team. We brewed four different pilot batches trying to find how best to capture its unique flavor and aroma and I love what the team came up with. Strata is a brewery favorite.”

Worthy is packaging Strata IPA in 22 oz bottles which will be available in retail outlets throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and select regions in Northern California.

As more of the hop is available after next year’s harvest, in late 2018 Worthy intends to package Strata IPA in cans.  With a high oil content and 12-14% alpha acid profile, Strata has been acclaimed as a “one-stop shop-hop.”

​Tell us what you think.

Drink up. Dream on.



Hop Daddies.  
Big day for Indie Hops. Jim Solberg and Matt Sage. Not pictured: X-331 Hop Meister Dr. Shaun Townsend from Oregon State University.

Aroma Hops Breeding Program develops, grows new Strata Hop

The Daily Barometer
By: Keana Pigg Practicum – Nov 6, 2017​OSU partners with Indie Hops to introduce sensory-complex IPA craft beer.The award-winning hop, known as Strata for its layered skunky resinous aroma, has been in the Oregon State University Hops Breeding pipeline since early 2009 and now has brewers, craft beer lovers and distributors waiting for more of it.

OSU’s Aroma Hops Breeding Program contributes to the university’s recognition of being the state’s largest public research institution and is close to releasing its first hop variety this winter.The Aroma Hops Breeding Program, directed by Dr. Shaun Townsend, assistant professor, senior research of crop and soil science, is a breeding program for hops, a commodity principally used in the beer-brewing process, according to Townsend.

“The main goal of the breeding program is to develop new aroma hop varieties that are desired by the craft beer industry and suited to Oregon growing conditions,” Townsend said via email. “The Aroma Hops Breeding Program is a partnership between Indie Hops and OSU.”

According to Townsend, Indie Hops is an Oregon-based hops merchant that serves the craft beer industry.

Principal owners of Indie Hops, Roger Worthington and Jim Solberg, both grew up in Corvallis. After years of working in asbestos litigation and as a Nike executive, respectively, the two old friends decided to get into the hops business in 2008, according to Worthington.

Click here to read the full article

 X-331 Hop Meister Dr. Shaun Townsend

X-Hop beers on tap at Worthy Brewing

The Bulletin
By: Jon Abernathy – Dec. 7, 2017 ​Worthy Brewing Co. continues to provide one of the more interesting brewery destinations in the region. Beyond the brewery, pub and beer garden, visitors are treated to the sights of growing hops (in the summer), the greenhouse and Garden Club, and, completed this year, the domed observatory. At its core, however, Worthy is still about the beer, and this year the brewery has been bustling with several notable projects.

The brewery showcased a new hop variety, Strata, with the release of the eponymously named Strata IPA early in the year. Worthy has a special connection to the development of this hop, as owner Roger Worthington also owns hop supplier Indie Hops. Indie Hops collaborates with Oregon State University’s hop breeding program to develop new strains of hops.​Click here to read the full article

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2017 Hop Crop Report: Strata is Strong!

Tue, 05 Sep 2017 18:55:00

Just in from our partners at Coleman and Goschie Farms in the Valley: Strata has been harvested, plucked, dried, conditioned and baled. The quality is stratospheric and the yields are strong!

This is great news. It means that we’ll have plenty of terpelicious hops to continue to advance our Strata IPA draft program. In addition, we’ll soon be introducing Strata IPA as a seasonal release in a 22 oz bottle.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the Strata story.

In a nutshell, Strata (formerly known as X-331) is an open pollinated German born Perle hop that was growing in a backyard in Corvallis. We spotted it in 2008 or so and began breeding with it in 2009. Our friends a Oregon State put it through the disease and pest gauntlet and the strongest plant was propagated and planted out in experimental and eventually commercial yards near Silverton and Independence, Oregon.

Along the way, Worthy and several other brewers nationwide began brewing with this pungent little beauty and discovering all sorts of interesting aromas and flavors. The first time Worthy launched Strata IPA in early 2017 we won a gold medal at the Oregon Beer Awards.

Planted, Pollinated, Discovered, bred, tortured, selected, grown, harvested, milled and brewed in Oregon! Many thanks to our friends at Oregon State University, Indie Hops, Coleman and Goschie Farms, all the brewers nationwide that have pilot brewed with Strata, and of course all of our customers who have made the gold medal worthy Strata IPA the most popular beer at Worthy Brewing’s pub here on the Eastside of Bend.

For more about Strata’s history, agronomics, oil profile (why does it smell like pot?), terpelicious flavor profile (grapefruit, passion fruit, pine, and more), please watch this video  “Chasing Flavor” by clicking on the image below.

Worthy will be bottling Strata IPA for release in October. In the meantime, we will continue to offer Strata IPA on draft at bars and restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Strata – your one stop shop hop.

Strata IPA – a many-layered IPA with a distinct Oregon-centric terpiffically tasteworthy flavor.







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Space: To Go or Not to Go?

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 18:55:00

​What’s the deal on space travel and colonization?

What are the arguments in favor of colonizing Mars, or a far away exoplanet? Or sending out probes and robots? Is it imperative for the survival of the human race? Who profits? Is less about science and beauty and more about beating the Russians and Chinese in the race to build a “Death Star?”

What are the obstacles? Is it feasible, affordable, and necessary? Do we have a spacecraft that’ s big, light and fast enough? Is space a friendly place for human survival? Is Warp Drive a thing? How far is “far, far away?”

Can we invest in space travel while also investing in the health and sustainability of our Mothership, Earth? Should we do both?

Here’s a slideshow for a speech we recently presented as part of the Worthy Garden Club’ s Total Solar Eclipse Week.



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A Modest Proposal: Showcase Craft in Bend’s Crown Jewel

Thu, 10 Aug 2017 18:55:00

​The Les Schwab Amphitheatre is the crown jewel of Bend, Oregon. There’s a million reasons to love it. The rolling green grass. The intimate stage. The brilliant wild flowers. The verdant hop wall. The adjacent Deschutes River and cat-tail abundant riparian zone. The honkers flying overhead.

A million things. Not to mention the excellent bands the venue attracts. Acts ranging from Bob Dylan to Phish, Chris Botti to Peter Frampton. And the amazing variety of local food trucks.

It’s a special place, where you can enjoy the show, dance if you’d like, admire the river, sidle up to the stage, enjoy a tasty meal, and cavort among the beautiful people of Bend.

There’s just one little hitch. Bend is renown for it’s world class craft beer. Tourists flock here for it. The locals support it. And the independent craft breweries here pretty much work together for the common good. Sure, each of us wants to succeed, but not at the cost of our brethren.

But the beer sponsor at the venue is not from Bend. In fact, they’re not even from America. The beer sponsor for the concert series is AB/InBev, a foreign owned conglomerate. They are a monopolist. Make no mistake, their mission is to snuff out competition, with superior fire power, lawyers, lobbyists, beholden distributors, Madison Avenue sharpies and money – lots and lots of money.

For many craft beer enthusiasts, going to the show presents a dilemma. Yes, we want to drink up and dream on during the show with a cold frothy. But many of us do not wish to support AB/INBev, including their wholly owned subsidiary, Ten Barrel. Yes, Ten Barrel  helped put Bend on the map. Their beer is awesome, as well as their home grown employees.

But they are not craft. When they agreed to be bought out by Ab/Inbev, they gave up their membership in the club. That’s not a disputed statement. It’s a fact. Ten Barrel no longer meets the definition of an independent craft brewery. That of course may not be important to many consumers.

So what’s a craft disciple to do?  A few suggestions.

First, enjoy a craft beverage before the show. Be mindful of the open container law. Don’t try to secrete a beer into the venue.

Second, if, like me, you can’t stomach supporting the  AB/INbev with your hard earned dollar, enjoy a glass of wine or cider, instead.

Third, if you’re a security guard at the amphitheatre, please understand that craft aficionados have a deep, sincere and nearly religious devotion to craft. If you should encounter a guest outside the venue who is draining the last drops from his or her indy beer, yes, ask them nicely to finish it up and dispose of the container properly. But refrain from provoking a confrontation.

Some craft beer lovers simply don’t respond well to threats to confiscate personal property, or any form of intimidation. You will be perceived as an agent of AB/InBev, which is not a happy association for many of us.

And finally, a note to the Old Mill District. We know that your group does as much as anyone to preserve and enhance the friendly and organic atmosphere here in Bend. I’m sure you’re not ecstatic about depriving the locals of authentic craft beer at your wonderful venue.

As a work-around, Worthy Brewing would be pleased to negotiate with you an outright buy out of your contract with Budweiser.

In the alternative, Worthy would be please do spearhead an effort to create a consortium of local craft breweries who will step into Budweiser’s topsiders, buy them out, and offer up an eclectic menu of home grown craft beers. Your crown jewel would then truly represent the heart and soul of Bend’s craft beer appellation.

It’s a shame that in a town renown for it’s indy craft breweries, beer lovers are forced to go dry in order to stay true to their faith (no disparagement of cider or wine intended). We  hope that the Old Mill will consider this request. And we thank them for bringing so many awesome artists to Bend, as well as organizing the fun, exciting and must-colored and flavored Bend Brewfest.


Worthy Solar Eclipse Week: See the Light

Sat, 01 Jul 2017 18:55:00

​Worthy Brewing is pleased to announce the Worthy Solar Eclipse week, August 16-21, presented by the Worthy Garden Club (WGC). The theme of the special program is “See the Light.”

Starting on August 16th, for five consecutive nights before the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, the WGC will be hosting speakers from various disciplines who will address a number of provocative topics.

The speakers will include astronomists, hydrologists, historians, educators and at least one cosmic contrarian. Topics range from “Eclipse Craziness,” to “The Search for E.T.” to “Darkness in Daytime” to “Why Colonize Outer Space?”

The talks, which are geared for the entire family, will take place in Worthy Brewing’s “Hop Mahal” Banquet Hall. Space is limited so we encourage an early arrival.  Admission is free.

After the discussion ends on each night, which will include a Q & A session, guests will be invited to join WGC’s “Sky Guy” Grant Tandy and others in the Hopservatory dome for a cosmic viewing.  A $5 donation is requested for stargazers over the age of 6.

The WGC hopes to seize on the thousands and thousands of eclipse enthusiasts who will in town as they prepare for the total solar eclipse. The eclipse will travel a 60-mile wide path across the continental US. The last total solar eclipse visible from coast to coast in the US was on June 18, 1918, almost 100 years ago.

On the day before the Eclipse, Tandy will be offering a full day of solar viewing from the dome. This is a first of it’s kind, once in a life-time opportunity to get together and talk about our place in the universe.

The Worthy Garden Club is an educational non-profit whose mission is to promote science literacy, foster curiosity and enhance appreciation for the terrestrial and galactic garden.

To learn more about the speakers and their respective topics, please click here.  Commemorative “I Have Seen the Light” t-shirts will soon be available to the public.

To learn more about the week’s festivities, or reserve a cosmic viewing, contact Grant Tandy at 541.647.6970 ext 220. You can also learn more about the WGC at www.worthygardenclub.com. ​

“I Have Seen The Light” commemorative t-shirts coming soon.

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Gary’s In The House! Stage Set at Worthy for TDC Pre-Ride Party

Fri, 30 Jun 2017 18:55:00

On July 7th, Worthy Brewing will again host the Tour Des Chutes packet pick-up party. Participants can enjoy a complimentary pint of the 5th annual “Gary’s No Quit Wit,” brewed in honor of living legend Gary Bonacker, the resilient founder of the 13th annual TDC.

“Gary’s one of a kind. He’s charming, hilarious, sweet and tough as a ten cent steak,” said Roger Worthington, the founder of Worthy Brewing.

“The best part of my summer is the Tour Des Chutes, not only because I love the ride, the solidarity and the hope and help it sends, but also because we get to brew another batch of my favorite summer beer – Gary’s No Quit Wit. The guy’s a beauty and we’re darn lucky to have him around.”

The “Gary’s in the House” party starts at 11 a.m. and goes to 9 p.m.  Worthy urges you to get there early to avoid the long lines. Last year the TDC drew over 1,500 bike riders and 200 runners. This year promises to be even bigger. The TDC will be taking bids on several high value and special items. The auction will close around 2pm on Saturday.

Live music on Worthy’s new “Drink Up Dream On” soundstage, featuring Parlour, will also be provided. And Gary will be on hand of course to chat, belly laugh, offer encouragement and sign the annual “Gary’s No Quit Wit” poster. This year’s art features Gary, ever the jokester, as a godfatherly cross between Evel Knieval and Elvis Presley.

The 13th Annual Tour Des Chutes will launch early Saturday morning, July 8th.  Worthington will again emcee the game day festivities.

Worthy Brewing is located on 495 NE Bellevue Drive, Bend, OR 97701

Tour des Chutes was founded in 2005 by Bend resident, business owner and cancer survivor, Gary Bonacker, in order to fund St. Charles’ Cancer Center survivorship programs. More recently, Tour des Chutes has also dedicated funds to the Pediatric Foundation, a Bend nonprofit that provides direct financial support to families who have a child with cancer.

For more information about Tour des Chutes, visit www.tourdeschutes.org. For information about Worthy Brewing, visit www.worthybrewing.com or call Eric at 541-647-6970.

Tour des Chutes founder, Bend resident, business owner and cancer survivor, Gary Bonacker.