Worthy Brewing

Meet the Team

Worthy’s Brew Team

Victoria Chaplin – Quality Assurance

​Watch as Tori explains how she uses sophisticated equipment to gauge whether every batch of Worthy beer measures up to industry standards and hers.

​John Cooper – Packaging Manager

​’Super Coop’ shows off the Worthy Brewing canning line and our Krones canning machine and explains how his team gets it done.

Dustin Kellner – Brewmaster

Take a tour of Worthy with Dustin, our Brewmaster. Check out our new tank farm. And a stunning cameo by Dustin’s lovely, pint-wielding wife, Heather.

Zach Brenneman – Head Brewer

​Take a tour with our Head Brewer Zach as he proudly shows off our 5 barrel pilot brewing system, the system that allows our Brewing Team the freedom to try out different brews and push the flavor envelope by using new experimental hops such as the Strata hop. “If you can think it, we can brew it!”

Worthy’s Executive Chef

Kyle trained at Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Portland and ran his own restaurant, Duck Soup Inn, on the San Juan Islands, before moving to Bend and Worthy Brewing in 2017.

What one cuisine could you live on?
My father is a dedicated sailor from New England, and many family trips involved a boat south of the border eating local fare. These experiences, coupled with the strong Latino culture in Salt Lake, nurtured my affinity for Mexican and Caribbean flavors.

What motivates you as a chef?
I love the fact that I can continue to learn and grow as a chef. Instagram, Netflix, and printed publications like Art Culinaire keep me pushing my own knowledge and stoke the fire to try new things.

What farms does Worthy Brewing work with?
We currently send our green waste to Boundless Farmstead that they then use as compost. We send our spent grains from the brewing process to Greene Bros Ranch in Powell Butte, and we often purchase beef products from them. Our primary produce distributor is Charlies Produce in Portland, which sources primarily from the Pacific Northwest and has a story for every farm they work with, many of them located in the fertile Willamette Valley. We also source produce from Bend’s local food distributor Agricultural Connections whenever we can. Our everyday beef is sourced from Oregon Country Natural which is a beef cooperative with high standards here in Central Oregon.

Worthy’s Private Events Team

Lindsay LeBart, Event Sales Manager

Lindsay has worked in restaurants for nearly 20 years in varying roles, from front of the house to back of the house to store management and restaurant consulting. Lindsay was recruited by Worthy to help open its brew pub in 2012. Her expertise and professionalism make working with her relaxing and fun.


Shawn McCoy, Banquet Chef

Since 2000, Shawn has trained and worked in the Pacific Northwest creating imaginative and exciting cuisine that focuses on using local ingredients. After two years at Brasada Ranch in Bend, Shawn joined Worthy Brewing to lead its private events menu.