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Month: January 2018

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It’s our golden birthday!

Tue, 31 Jan 2017 18:50:00


​Worthy Brewing turns four years old this February and to celebrate our Golden Birthday we’ll be offering special beers, food pairings, and commemorative swag all day on February 4th and 5th at our restaurant on Bend’s East side.Brewmaster Dustin Kellner and his team will be re-releasing our first ever beer, the GTX Go Time Xtra Pale Ale on the 4th, Worthy’s birthday. The next day will be pouring from our Heart & Soul pilot series a special pub one-off – Crashworthy Golden Ale.

“I am so proud of our restaurant and brewery staff,” glowed Roger Worthington, Worthy’s founder. “Through all the ups and downs, we’ve kept our eye on the prize – to bring our customers drink worthy beer, praiseworthy food, and an overall podium-worthy dining and drinking experience.”

“Our resilience reminds me of what Ma Joad said to her outlaw son at the end of The Grapes of Wrath. To paraphrase, nothing can whip us, wipe us out or lick us. We’ll go on forever, ‘cause we’re the people. Heck, we could drive this thing off a cliff, and our people would get up, dust themselves off and jump right back in the game. That’s grit. That’s conviction. That’s esprit de corps. And that’s what we have here. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Kellner describes CrashWorthy Golden Ale as a light bodied and crisp golden with a healthy dose of Crystal and Citra hops for a big floral and grapefruit finish. At 5.8% and 28 IBU’s, this is a well-balanced and easy drinking compliment to the GTX, which seems to get bigger with each anniversary celebration.

Customers can purchase a commemorative anniversary glass for $6, which includes one fill of any Worthy beer currently on tap.

To go along with the birthday brews, our Head Chef Dirk Baxter has prepared a special menu including Tex-Mex style nachos, a mouth-watering prime rib sandwich and a potentially life altering Lights Out Stout infused Beer-a-Misu.

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On the Hop Docket – The Litigator Uncompromising Imperial IPA. Don’t Settle.

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 18:50:00

​    “The first thing we do, let’s love all the lawyers.”
William Shakespeare, Henry VI, 1591When you need a big and balanced Imperial IPA, don’t settle.  Reach for a bottle of The Litigator, Worthy’s Uncompromising Imperial IPA.Wait. The Litigator? Isn’t that a … trial lawyer? WTF? Doesn’t everybody hate lawyers?  They’re scum. Parasites. Bottom Feeders. Ambulance chasers. Paper pushers. Shysters. Stuffed Shirts. Pettifoggers. Sharks. Jacklegs.

They embellish the facts.  Hmmm. That quote. Did Billy the Shake really say that?

Ok, lawyers are an unpopular lot (until you need one). Granted, the name or label may not evoke the warm and fuzzy’s (although my strategically deranged colleagues will appreciate Mr. Smiley). But the beer. Is it any good?

On that count there is no dispute.  For this project, Worthy called out it’s Hop Bomb Dismantling Squad. The mission: big and bold tropical fruit flavor without the exploding your tongue to smithereens. We ladled in judicious amounts of all the goodies: Amarillo, Simcoe, Azaca, El Dorado, Ekuanot, Citra and Mosaic.

The verdict? You decide, but we think it’s a crushing win for life, liberty and the pursuit of hoppiness.  A respectable 8.1% ABV with a deceivingly pleasant 81 IBU.

So, at your next dinner party, when the food, drink and barbs are flying, hold court with a bottle of The Litigator. Since we know most reasonably prudent beer lovers hate lawyers, if you’re confident enough to want it, we’re going to make you work for it.  We will be offering The Litigator at our pub only.

But if you really think you can handle The Truth, we’ll distribute it to you on an invitation only basis. Please give us a ring at 541.639.4776. We will also be offering The Litigator at select bottle shops in Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Bend and Seattle.

Worthy will be donating a generous portion of any profit (hey, call me a dreamer) to a number of non-profits who serve the abused and betrayed.

May it Please the Court!

Roger Worthington, Esq.

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Launching Soon — Worthy Hop Star IPA

When Worthy opened it’s doors in 2013, we made a promise: we will bring new and exciting hop flavors to the pint glass. We won’t bring sand to the beach, we said.

The confidence in our mission was emboldened by our owner’s investment in the Aroma Hop Breeding Program at Oregon State University. Earlier, in 2009, Roger Worthington and Jim Solberg launched Indie Hops, which in turn created and funded the pioneering program in Corvallis.

It turns out breeding hops takes time — especially if you want those hops to have high disease resistance, reliable agronomics, robust yields, and unique and tasty flavors.

It’s been a slow ride, but we’re getting there. Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to pilot brew with experimental hops that have emerged from the breeding program. Some have passed the taste test and moved up the ladder for more testing, only to be scrapped later because the yields were irreparably low, or they were prone to unmitigable disease.

Without a doubt, hop breeding and selection favors the strong and the tasty.  It’s all or nothing. A winning commercially viable new hop has to score an A across the board.  At the same time, a lot of great aroma hops which did not make the agronomic cut were still taste worthy.

We want to bring the best tasting x-hops to you, whether they make the final cut or not.  Our delivery system? Worthy Hop Star IPA.  The star of the show, after all, is the hop, whether a stand-alone wonder, like Strata, or a blend of good-to-great hops that together build a gold medal beer.

Throughout the year we will pilot test brews using x-hops in combination with proven performers. We will also use hop blends with proven and up-and-coming “Unobtanium” hops in the pursuit of that amazing new and mouthwatering flavor. Our goal will be to source as many x-hops as available from the OSU-Indie Hops aroma breeding program.

Hop Star will show variations from batch to batch, but overall the brilliant hop flavors will shine through. We will rely on a number of workhorse hops to provide a citrusy flavor and aroma baseline.

We’ll share some of our secrets, and let you know the x-hops in your beer with a link on the packaging. We welcome your feedback, which we will happily share with our hopped up friends at OSU and Indie Hops.

Worthy Hop Star IPA will land in stores in fall 2018 as a 6-pack bottle. Draft versions will arrive this summer.

Hop Star will not bring sand to the beach. Each pint will contain a fresh new flavor, in addition to a whole lot of patience and testing. With a little luck, it may also launch a new star in the constellation of worthy beers.