Worthy Brewing

Month: July 2017

Worthy Solar Eclipse Week: See the Light

Sat, 01 Jul 2017 18:55:00

​Worthy Brewing is pleased to announce the Worthy Solar Eclipse week, August 16-21, presented by the Worthy Garden Club (WGC). The theme of the special program is “See the Light.”

Starting on August 16th, for five consecutive nights before the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, the WGC will be hosting speakers from various disciplines who will address a number of provocative topics.

The speakers will include astronomists, hydrologists, historians, educators and at least one cosmic contrarian. Topics range from “Eclipse Craziness,” to “The Search for E.T.” to “Darkness in Daytime” to “Why Colonize Outer Space?”

The talks, which are geared for the entire family, will take place in Worthy Brewing’s “Hop Mahal” Banquet Hall. Space is limited so we encourage an early arrival.  Admission is free.

After the discussion ends on each night, which will include a Q & A session, guests will be invited to join WGC’s “Sky Guy” Grant Tandy and others in the Hopservatory dome for a cosmic viewing.  A $5 donation is requested for stargazers over the age of 6.

The WGC hopes to seize on the thousands and thousands of eclipse enthusiasts who will in town as they prepare for the total solar eclipse. The eclipse will travel a 60-mile wide path across the continental US. The last total solar eclipse visible from coast to coast in the US was on June 18, 1918, almost 100 years ago.

On the day before the Eclipse, Tandy will be offering a full day of solar viewing from the dome. This is a first of it’s kind, once in a life-time opportunity to get together and talk about our place in the universe.

The Worthy Garden Club is an educational non-profit whose mission is to promote science literacy, foster curiosity and enhance appreciation for the terrestrial and galactic garden.

To learn more about the speakers and their respective topics, please click here.  Commemorative “I Have Seen the Light” t-shirts will soon be available to the public.

To learn more about the week’s festivities, or reserve a cosmic viewing, contact Grant Tandy at 541.647.6970 ext 220. You can also learn more about the WGC at www.worthygardenclub.com. ​

“I Have Seen The Light” commemorative t-shirts coming soon.