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Month: October 2016

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In Hop Pursuit:  A 7th Year Progress Report

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 18:55:00

Here’s a fun story.

Not sure about the ending.

But it’s looking good.

Back in 2009, my hometown buddy Jim Solberg and I decided to build a hop company.  Our goal was to bring new flavors to your beer pint glass.

We built a pellet mill that specialized in preserving the lupulin glands, the happy place from which the flavor flows. And we partnered with OSU to breed new aroma hops.

At the time, Oregon hop acreage was nearing it’s historical lows. Our goal was to help Oregon hop farmers return to those days of glory 70 years ago when our state cultivated 30,000 acres.

Fast forward seven years. Thanks to our farm partners, our scientific advisors at OSU, a small army of brewers, and the Willamette Valley’s hop-hearty pollen rich atmosphere, we are pleased to report the rise of a budding prospect: X-331. Our little darling is the offspring of a German Maiden, Perle, and an open-pollinated Rogue Oregon Hop Stud.

Worthy introduced X-331 in our recent LookOut Freshop. Our customers noted it’s dank aroma, reminiscent of weed, and it’s tropical fruit forward flavor, with notes of passion fruit and mango.

Back in 2011, when Jim first gave X-331 a rub and a sniff, his eyes closed and he went back to his days of youth roaming through the Corvallis countryside, feasting on blackberries and plucking the low hanging fruit, all the while entranced by the omnipresent aroma of “Indian Tobacco.”  You know, the kind of day you wish would never end.

Our brewers liked it so much we’re working on a new beer, which we’ll call Hop Star, featuring X-331.  We’ll be experimenting with this new “one hop wonder” in the next three pilot batches from our Heart & Soul Series. Stay tuned. We’d love your feedback.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in hop breeding, take a look at this powerpoint here.  You’ll share our pride in noting that since 2010:

  • Total hop acreage in production in Oregon has increased 65.92%.
  • The total hop yield in pounds in Oregon has increased 42.55%.
  • Using traditional breeding techniques, in six years IH-OSU has evaluated over 1,500 new genotypes and advanced over 15 new genotypes into advanced nurseries at two farms in the Valley. The future is bright.

In the end, to build anything new and valuable, it takes a village. Worthy is grateful to Indie Hops, OSU, Goschie Farms, Coleman Farms, and all of the wonderful, smart and eager brewers who over the years have stepped up to help us narrow down the field of over 10,000 seeds a year to the 4 or 5 keepers that might one day, with a little bit of good luck, wind up in your pint glass.


RG Worthy

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Green is Great

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:55:00

​Going green feels good. It spares the planet tons of CO2, NOx and SOx. It jumps the curve – we all know fossil fuels will become scarcer and scarcer. Renewable energies will and must be our future. But going green also enhances the bottom line.

Worthy wants to thank 350 Deschutes for recognizing us as a “Climate Champion.” We strive to do our part to leave the world a little better than we found it.

Here are a few things we’ve done in the service of limiting our carbon footprint:

  • Solar powered beer.  We have a 50KW solar electrical system with a total of 165 PV panels, the largest in Central Oregon.
  • Solar powered hot water. We have 56 solar thermal panels that pre-heat the water for our brewing and restaurant.
  • High  energy efficient conventional boilers and chillers.
  • Waste water pretreatment, sparing our public water treatment plant tons of BOD and TSS annually.
  • We grow many of our own herbs, a few of our hops, and supply our bio-rich spent grain to a local rancher who feeds the cattle, many of whom return to our restaurant in the form of Prefunk Burgers.

All total, because of our investment in Renewable Green Tech, Worthy spares the lungs of our precious planet 100,000 tons of CO2 annually, which is the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees. Eight acres!  By generating much of our own power, we don’t buy as much electricity from our power company who gets 60% of their energy from coal burning power plants.

Financially, all rolled up over the years our solar system cost around $300,000. With rebates, incentives and federal credits and tax depreciation, that sticker price has been reduced to around $100,000. That’s a 66% reduction. Huge.

We plan on annual energy savings of over $10,000 annually (a number that will rise with inflation over the years).  At that rate we will pay for the system in 9 years and in the next 25 years we anticipate a net return on our solar investment of $434,000.

So green is not only good, it’s great!

Please click here to learn more about how Going Green is Good for the planet, Great for the bottom line.


RG Worthy