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Month: May 2014

Worthy Hops Up SoCal

Thu, 08 May 2014 18:55:00

Dana Point, CA.  When it comes to bike races, Worthy likes the action like a good IPA: fully hopped up to the last sip.

Worthy recently ventured down into SoCal to sponsor the 8th Annual Dana Point Grand Prix, the nation’s top criterium. Under sunny blue skies, the day featured a Cycle De Mayo Street Festival, massively cute kids races, the nation’s fastest bike racers, and two beer tents: one sponsored by Karl Strauss (for the 5th Marine Support Group) and the other by Sierra Nevada (all proceeds to the DPGP non profit charity).

Although we’re not licensed yet in California, Worthy gave the Socal locals a preview of things to come. To help energize the racers — so they in turn would electrify the thirsty fans — Worthy offered up special prizes to the most combative racers, the so-called Worthy Idiot Pounder Prize (WIPP).

The “incentive” program was a smashing success. The action was as fierce as it was entertaining. Seldom did the peloton bottle up or slow down. Instead, the racers whiffed around the six turn course on the bluff overlooking the Dana Point Harbor in a single file line at full stick.

The premise behind the “Pounding Idiots” prize was that racers sometimes are prone to sit back, ball up, hide and wait to unleash the froth on the final few laps. We wanted to reward those racers who threw caution to the wind and simply attacked for the thrill of it, the podium be damned. In the mens 35 plus race, the competition for the WIPP was so fierce that our three judge panel decided that there were no idiots in need of pounding, that in fact everybody was on or over the red line, so we gave the award to four worthy racers on the same team.

Congratz to our 35+ WIPP winners: MJ Johnson, Karl Bordine, Randall Coxworth and Phil Tintsman, all of Monster Media.  They helped push up the average speed to 29 mph. In contrast, the Pro Men averaged 28 mph (granted, the pro men raced 30 minutes longer). In the pro race, we awarded the WIPP to Kyle and Brandon Gritters, two brothers who raced like ten guys, never sitting back, always attacking.

And finally congratulations to the 45+ WIPP winner, Chris Genghis Hahn, who edged out fellow hammerheads Thurlow Rogers, Brett Clare and Mike McMahon.

Thank you to all the racers, as well as all the sponsors, race organizers and volunteers, for the best DPGP ever.  All proceeds from the event were donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley, Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group, and the Dana Point Community Cycling Foundation.

We also want to thank the John Johnson family for sponsoring the Mens Pro Race and calling attention to the need for the VA to provide better medical treatment options to veterans poisoned by asbestos and suffering from mesothelioma.

Worthy can’t wait to work our way down into Southern California by the start of the 2015 Dana Point Grand Prix.

Go hard at what you love!



Check out the DPGP photo gallery at http://www.keenan-photo.com/Private-Galleries/Worthy/n-V3fmH/

Gritty Not Pritty. Kyle and Brandon Gritters pounded the pro field like ten guys.

Genghis Cracks the WIPP! Chris Genghis Hahn, 45+ WIPP winner, donning his “most combative” Worthy jersey. With cash.

Smiles for Miles. Racing hard for a worthy cause. The Johnson Family proud to sponsor the Pro Race to honor fallen hero, John Johnson.

Worthy 35+ Podium. Charon Smith repeated as fastest Master, with runner up Aaron Wimberly and hard charging Surf City teamate Kayle Leogrande in third. Who’s the poser?

A Worthy Hand Up. Plenty of takers after the race, but during? Going a bit too fast to handle the Worthy IPA six pack offering.

It’s Easy Day Kolsch Time! After hammering the Women’s pro field, winner Shelby Reynolds is thirsty for an Easy Day. Flanked by runner up Mary Maroon and bronze medalitst Angelica Frayre.