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Month: October 2013

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Time To Tinker

Wed, 23 Oct 2013 18:55:00


Dustin Kellner, Head Brewer at Worthy, adding 10 varieties of fresh hops from the Worthy hop garden to our inaugural batch, the Triple Fresh IPA.

Feeding the Wunderkind while the Mothership hovers. We pour the Triple Fresh IPA this Friday, October 25th.
This week we celebrate our 100th batch of brew.  Chad, Dustin, and the boyz in the B-House have done an amazing job dialing in our 30 Barrel Mothership. Not a single bad batch, nothing down the drain, every drop balanced, consistent and tasty.
Now, it’s time to tinker.

It’s time to get crazy, let the muse run wild, take some risks, and stretch the imagination.  What happens if we add this unusual malt with that bizarre yeast using these unique hops, or spices, or berries, or peppers?

Answer: if it’s awful, we’ll chuck it, and keep fiddling.  If it’s quaffable, we’ll offer it at our pub, alongside our mainstays. If our regulars deem it outrageously yumm-delicious, we’ll graduate the precocious one-off to the Mothership for canning, bottling and the rest. Presto-Blammo! A star is born.

Announcing the baptism of our 5 barrel pilot system – a shiny little beauty we call the Wunderkind. She’s happy, healthy, and ready to send the love. And we couldn’t be prouder.

“This is a brewer’s dream come true,” raved Dustin Kellner, our Head Brewer. “We know we can brew true-to-recipe beers consistently, but the heart and soul of craft is experimentation. Now we have the freedom to explore and create brand new recipes.”

It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again. Worthy’s not about bringing sand to the proverbial beach. Mixing up the usual ingredients in new ways can yield stunningly savory results. That’s worthy, but what gets us pumped up is the prospect of adding  brand new, genetically unique ingredients to the mix, especially new hops coming out of the OSU-Indie Hops breeding program.

“We can’t wait to start brewing with the new hops OSU gave us,” said Dustin, noting that Worthy harvested cones from three of the new varieties from it’s own hop garden last month.  OSU and Indie Hops have about 50 new varieties that were spawned in 2009, several of which are ready for pilot brewing.

For our inaugural, break-in batch, Chad and Dustin are cooking up a an india pale ale that utilizes 10 varieties of fresh hops that we harvested from our hop garden. We’re naming it Triple Fresh IPA and we’ll be pouring it at our pub this Friday, October 25th.

After that, we’re going to play with a porter (Kawfee? Chocolate? Bourbon? Pumpkin?). Then a Belgian wit beer (new winter wheat variety from OSU?  Orange peel, coriander, etc.). And then a hopped up Pilsner showcasing brand new Sazzer-inspired spicy hops from the OSU-IH program.

A special shout out to our friends at Marks Design and Metal Works in Vancouver, Washington, the inventors of our 2 vessel, 5 barrel Wunderkind. The quality of their work is unmatched and they’ve been a joy to work with. Marks created a similar system for our friends down South at Stone Brewing, a little outfit renown for pushing the envelope.

We have 24 taps at our pub and our goal is to offer at least 4 one-off, madly delicious pilot beers daily.  We’ll keep you posted on what’s cooking on our chalkboard.



Dustin getting a whiff of whole hop goodness from a batch of brand new hops courtesy of OSU/IH.

We dry hopped our first pilot brew with a potpourri of fresh hops plucked from our own garden. Farm to kettle in about 10 minutes

“The possibilities are endless.”

Watching the pot boil, as the muse ponders.

Bombs Away!

Thu, 17 Oct 2013 18:55:00

Worthy Breaks Out the Bottles

Worthy took another big step closer to Beertopia today with the successful operation of its shiny new bottling line. In our inaugural run, we cranked out 6 pallets of 22 ounce bombers of our Imperial IPA and Farm House Saison. For those of you keeping score, that’s about 4,320 bottles, all in a few hours, with zero loss. Hum batta!

“It’s been our vision from the git-go to both can and bottle Worthy beer in Year One,” said Master Brewer Chad Kennedy. “With the activation of our new top-of-the-line bottling machine, we’re off to a great start and ahead of schedule. ”

Last month Worthy began canning with it’s state-of-the art, Italian-made Vimercati magic machine. “If that’s the Maserati of canning lines,” joked Chad, “our 3003 Bier bottling machine is the Ferrari.  Fully automated. 12 filler heads, purges flavor-killing oxygen not once but twice. We’re totally stoked. We have the capacity to bottle 3000 12 oz bottles in an hour. That’s whiz bang fast. Best of all, there’s not another system out there that locks in the flavor like the 3003.”

Chris Hodge, Worthy’s CEO, chimed in. “Around here quality is everything, from the finest ingredients, to the highest precision equipment, to the best packaging. It costs more to bottle and can onsite with your own equipment, but the investment is worth it. We can bottle or can according to our brew schedule in response to our customer’s needs, using our equipment, relying on our people, with uncompromising committment to the highest standard of care.”

“From the brew side, owning our equipment provides that freedom and flexibility that we all dream about. And for the consumer, it gives that extra confidence that when you drink a Worthy you’ll know that you’re getting what you paid for – a worthy beer from start to finish, where every ingredient is hand selected and every beer is personally packaged.”

Worthy’s Imperial IPA and Farm Out Saison are available today in select stores and bottle shops. To recap, in the past several weeks hundreds of craft beer specialty retailers and mainline chain retailers in Oregon and SW Washington have been stocking our cans of Worthy IPA, Easy Day Kolsch and Worthy Pale Ale.  Be sure to ask for our Worthy portfolio wherever you shop. If they don’t currently stock our beers, make sure you let them know you’d prefer a Worthy beverage.

In the next few months, Worthy will also be bottling it’s Eruption Imperial Red, the tantalizingly smooth Big Red that everyone’s talking about.  Also, we’ll be canning our seductively tasty Lights Out Stout in 12 ounce cans next week.  We’re also brewing a winter seasonal, the Powder Keg, which we’ll release in 22 oz bombers at about the time the snow sticks on the East Side of Bend.

We encourage you to drink Worthy and let us know what you think. Your feedback is important. So feed yourself a Worthy, snap a shot and share. Bottles up and can do.



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It’s Gotta Be Worthy, Part II

Fri, 11 Oct 2013 18:55:00

Fellow Frothers:

The search for anwers to the Ultimate Question continues. What makes a beer worthy? Can the answer even be articulated? We’ve randomly added to our blue ribbon panel several more testimonials from a few new frothers we happen to know, or want to know, or can imagine knowing.  You yourself might have an answer ready should we knock on your door.

The Exuber-Girl

The Moto-Mama

The Happy Warrior

The Unicorn

The Dude

The Songbird

A consenus is emerging. Stay tuned.


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Worthy’s Imperial Red Ale: An Eruption of Amazing Flavor

Tue, 08 Oct 2013 18:55:00

100+ IBUs
8.0% ABV
6 Lbs Hops/BBL
6 Hop Varieties

This is a big, bold Imperial Red Ale that’s tantalizingly smooth.   While it’s triple digit IBUs suggest another violent “bitter bomb,” the Eruption instead releases onto the palate a glowing stream of balanced, bittersweet goodness that warms without dehydrating the tongue.

Don’t let the 100+ IBUs scare you – this is not a slab of red meat for the chalk-tongued hop monsters.   Big numbers don’t always mean big bitterness. We use a whopping 6 pounds of hops per barrel, but only a fraction of our hop bill is for bittering.  Instead we rely on fruity, fragrant, top shelf floral, piney and citrusy beauties like Cascade, Centennial, Crystal and Meridian to build up the taste without injecting too much acid to tear it down.

Introducing Mandarina Bavaria
Normally, we prefer Pacific Northwest hops for flavoring.  But for our relaxed version of the West Coast “hop bomb,” we took a chance and sourced our primary aroma variety from Germany, the birthplace of noble hops but not a hotbed for new craft-oriented cultivars.

Introducing “Mandarina Bavaria,” a citrusy, tangerine-ish hop whose mother is none other than Cascade, Oregon’s very own Grand Madame of Craft hops, which herself has roots in English and Russian land race cultivars.

Quintuple Hopped
The result of this historic Pacific Northwest meets Bavaria combo is a hopquake that doesn’t burst, jar or crash, but instead steadily surges forward with a Big-Number-Be-Damned benevolence.

How do we achieve balance with all that firepower? Quintuple hopping. That’s right. Six  hop varieties, 6 pounds per barrel, dosed in five discrete segments. First the boil, then the late add, then we push the wort through the whole cone packed hopback, and then two separate dry hoppings with our Mandarina Bavaria. When it comes to extracting the nectar from our aroma hops, Chad does not mess around.

A Most Moist Dryness
The reddish-amber glow with the thick frothy head portends the sense of impending glee.  The first tremor on the palate is a robustly carbonated caramel and toffee sweetness. The second shake-rattle and roll unleashes a distinct but smooth bitterness, which pauses for a moment demurely before gently rolling forward towards a lingering and pleasant dryness.

That last bit bears repeating : the finish is both dry and pleasant, a dreamy mixture of “wow,” “ahhhh,” and “yumm,” with an omnipresent overtone of “Are you kidding me?!?”

Aroma You Can Chew On
One mark of a well-balanced beer is whether it can satisfy the senses if you simply stick your snout down into your pint glass and take a deep whiff.  Does the malt sweetness meld with the grapefruit, tangerine and piney aromas, to the point where you can virtually “chew on it?” Is the aroma “meaty” enough to trick your brain into being satisfied without having to slam it down? The aroma itself should be an appetizer to the main dish.

We hope you’ll agree that a snootful of Eruption’s rich aroma has the compressed power to trigger that coveted happy, glowing sensation on the top of your head.  Perhaps, it will even summon a favorite song, such as that old but fitting classic — “I feel the earth move under my feet…”

Whatever it does, enjoy the tremble.  We hope you will enjoy drinking Eruption as much as we enjoyed brewing it.



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Worthy Unfurls New Kitchen, New Menu, New Vibe

Wed, 02 Oct 2013 18:55:00


Food lovers, we have heard you.  We have taken your praise, as well as your criticism, to heart. The things you have liked, we have tried to make better.  The things you haven’t so much, we have tried to correct.   Our mission, as always, remains the same:  we want to offer you food and a dining experience that matches the standard imbedded in our name.  In short, it’s gotta be Worthy.
You have asked for fries.  We have installed two new fryers, using a blend of canola and soybean oil.  We can now offer you garlic herb, chili cheese, sweet potato and beer battered fries. Goodbye Kettle Chips.

You have asked for quicker turn around times and hotter food. We have added another 800 square feet to our kitchen, and filled it with all sorts of nifty equipment that will insure that your meal will be served piping hot, and pretty damn quick.


Wide World of Worthy Fries: sweet potato, chili cheese, beer battered and garlic herb. Goes great with football, fingers, beer and a killer appetite.
You have asked for fresh fish.  Boy, have we listened. We will be showcasing one of the most delicious fish species on the planet – Steelhead. A variety of trout, we think Steelhead is “the best salmon you’ll ever taste.”  And it’s less expensive and more plentiful.

Our new menu features Steelhead in three items: the flame-broiled Steelhead Sando, the Blackened Steelhead tacos, and the Worthy Steelhead fillet platter.


Steelhead Sando – Our Founder’s Favorite. Your all alone on an island forever food.

Blackened Steelhead tacos — spicy, tasty, loaded with colorful anti-oxidants.

Steelhead Filet with fresh veggies and chunky mashed potatoes.
You have asked for more soup and salad varieties. We have added a hearty Cobb Salad to our menu, as well as an upgraded warm beet salad.  In addition to our tasty Coconut Clam Chowder, we will be offering new and creative soups daily.
You have asked for prime rib.  We are pleased to offer you the Big Dipper, a sumptuous pile of sliced prime rib smothered in Swiss Cheese and caramelized onions on a hoagie with our special au jus.  We are offering a Turkey Dip as well, with or without bacon.

Warm Beet Salad. Crunchy, crisp, deelish. The beet goes on…

The Big Dipper with fries and au jus. Out of this world.

Prime Rib dinner – we will be offering this deluxe meal every Saturday Night. Big enough for two. Fish specials on Fridays.

You have asked for wings, hot wings, even blazing hot wings.  We have listened.  How about this: eight chicken drumettes (imagine a mini-drumstick) fire-powered with our own habanero sauce.  Yes, we grow habaneros in our greenhouse, along with other peppers and herbs. You’ll need a cold worthy to cool down the pipes.


Meaty Hot Wings – all legs no rudders. Goes great with beer, period.
You have asked for more dessert varieties, especially for the kids.  We are pleased to the point of feeling semi-guilty to offer you the Jack Zooki, which you just have to try to believe.  Imagine a home made chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal cookie warmed in a crock supporting two delicious mounds of ice cream, drizzled with your choice of caramel, marionberry or chocolate stout.  Like a S’more but more!


Are you ready for the Jack Zooki? Warning – stifles conversation, promotes yumms, ooohs, ahhs and the occasional squeal.
You have asked us not to touch the Reuben. We haven’t. We did give it a name – the East Side Reuben, our way of saying “thank you” to all of our regular guests who live out here on the other side of the tracks. Speaking of the East Side, please sample our Highway 20 Pork Tacos.
We will continue to offer a variety of meaty, herby and veggie Worthy wood-fired pizzas, baked with the freshest ingredients, many of which we grow ourselves.

To check out our new and improved menu, please click here

So there you have it.  A new menu, a new kitchen, and a renewed commitment to worthiness by our battle-tested and gung-ho staff.  As we look back on the first seven months since we opened our doors, through thick and thin, we continue to be grateful for your support.  Your feedback, in a word, feeds us, and fuels us, to strive each day to get better . . . to get worthier.