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Month: July 2013

Mothership: Meet Your Baby

Tue, 09 Jul 2013 18:50:00

We’ve been very pleased with our 4-vessel, 30 barrel Mothership.  Chad, Dustin and the Worthy brew team have done an amazing job achieving an impressive array of premium quality beers on our new production system.

But it’s about to get crazy, in a good way.

On August 1, Worthy will spank the steel bottoms on its newest addition to the brewhouse family, our new 2-vessel, 5 barrel pilot system, which we’ve proudly named the Worthy Wunderkid.  Naturally, she’s much smaller than her Mother, but this baby’s quick, resourceful and precocious.

She’ll be able to help us perfect the recipes we currently feed our Mothership. Our Wunderkid will also allow us the freedom to tinker with new recipes, new styles, new and exotic ingredients, and even recipes without a formal style. In other words, on this new pilot we’ll be able to probe new off-world colonies, sort of like in Blade Runner. Sort of.

Take a gander at her.  The Wunderkid is built for speed, power and easy handling. One vessel is a combined mash and lauter tun. The other is the brew kettle and whirlpool. We will be able to brew twelve 50 liter kegs per batch, which is big enough to slake the thirst of our pub guests, but not so big that we’d feel too bad about deep sixing a batch that turned out to be unworthy.

With two mini-fermenters, we’ll have the capacity to brew up to six new seasonals every month. Imagine that, more than four seasons per month, every month.

From a practical standpoint, the Wunderkid will allow us to brew beers that wouldn’t make sense on the Mothership. We’ll be able to use exotic or grotesquely expensive (or both) ingredients for special one-offs. We’ll be able to satisfy what may only be a small cross section of our clientele with strange or whacky brews (chili beer anyone? Bacon flavored beer?).

And, drum roll please, we’ll be able to experiment with experimental hops. Yes. It’s no secret Worthy’s big on bringing new and exciting flavors from genetically new and exciting hops to the ever-demanding and damn near insatiable craft beer drinking public. You guys and gals are smart. And you demand something new.  Thanks to our friends at Oregon State and Indie Hops, by the year’s end we’ll be feeding our Wunderkid with new aroma hops that OSU and IH intellectually conceived and began breeding in 2009.

Where 10 pounds of hops would barely make up 30% of the overall hop bill on our Mothership, it could be the entire hop bill on our nifty Wunderkid. It will allow us to create truly unique “one offs” for our pub that no one else would have the ability to emulate. It is the equivalent of cooking for 2 versus 200. We’ll be able to shine the light on discrete ingredients or combinations of same.

Sours. Barley Wines. Barrel aged brews. Even traditional pilsners, lagers and hefes with a special twist or two.

Come on by in early August and be the first to decide whether any of our “one offs” got the legs to make it the Bigs.







Gary’s No Quit Wit: Live the Life

Tue, 09 Jul 2013 18:55:00


In cycling parlance there’s no greater goal than simply “living the life.”  When you’re riding well, feeling good, getting faster, and enjoying the ride, when riding becomes a form of meditation, transcendence, and time travel, then you’re closing in on that vaunted dream of “living the life.”

Gary Bonacker, despite having brain cancer for the last decade, is in his own wonderful and powerful way, living the life.  Instead of retreating, he’s bravely going forward.  Instead of resentment, his heart is full of good cheer. Instead of going sour, he’s grateful for the promise of better days ahead.

At Worthy, we salute Gary Bonacker and the spirit he embodies. He’s going for the gold, and he’s giving back.  To honor Gary’s spirit, Worthy has brewed a special beer: Gary’s No Quit Wit, a true to style Belgian wit.

Gary’s No Quit Wit is the perfect beer to cap off an exhilarating ride, walk, run, hike, or day in the garden. Straw-colored and cloudy, this crisp, tart and refreshing wit is as good as it’s aroma suggests.  You know it’s good when the aroma itself is so blissful you can sit your drink down and “chew on it.” We used a special blend of coriander, orange peel and other herbs to spice up the flavor. It goes down smooth with a spicy, tangy, and dry finish that calls out for more.

For every case sold, Worthy will donate $2 to the Tour des Chutes, the charity bike ride that Gary created 8 years ago.  The TdC donates the proceeds from the ride, which is held on June 13th in Bend, Oregon, to the St. Charles Cancer Survivorship Program. You can enjoy a great beer and help give back to a worthy cause.

As you can see, we adorned Gary with the coveted polka dot jersey, which in major stage races (such as the Tour de France) is awarded to the cyclist who wins the most intra-race mountain top sprints.  To win that jersey, the rider has to put his entire heart, soul and body into conquering not only outrageously steep climbs, but also suppressing fear, pain and agony.

Gary is doing just that.  So here’s a toast to Gary Bonacker! May he continue to “dance on the pedals” with a smile on his face and a fire in his belly.

Where Can you Buy Gary’s No Quit Wit?

Worthy will be selling Gary’s No Quit Wit in 22 oz bottles on July 24th at selected retailers in the State of Oregon only.

You can enjoy Gary’s No Quit Wit on draft at Worthy Brewing in Bend, Oregon.  We will tap the beer on July 10th at noon.  At around 6:30pm, Gary will be here for a special toast. Please join Worthy Brewing, Gary and the Tour des Chutes team for this epic event.  No quit. No excuses. Just a steadfast passion for living well.







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Can We? Yes. Will We? Yes. But When?

Sun, 07 Jul 2013 18:55:00

Can we can? Yes, we can.

Our Vimercati canning machine is ready to produce over 3,500 cans per hour.

Our beer’s ready.  We’ll be canning Worthy IPA, East Side Pale Ale, Kolsch and Lights Out Stout.

Our cartons are ready. Our labels are ready. Our team is ready.  Our grocery store and bottle shop accounts are ready.

The sun’s shining.  You’re having fun hiking, biking, boating, floating, touring and chillaxin.  And you’re working up a mighty thirst. And you want Worthy.

So when can you enjoy Worthy beer in a 12 oz. can?

Answer: when we get our … cans.

To paraphrase King Richard III, “My kingdom for a can!”

We were originally set to crank up our Italian engineered “Maserati” of canning lines in late July.  You don’t want to hear excuses any more than we want to detail them.  But we ran into a few hiccups with The Feds over the labels, had to tweak a word here, an image there, and were all set to pull the trigger but ran into a hitch with our can supplier on the color quality.  We’re getting that fixed, pronto.




Drats! That’s the sound of can-do “Beer.Boom.Done.” bravado colliding violently with the cool, quiet calmness of Beetopianism.

Bottom line: Mid August.  We’ll be rolling out our Worthy IPA and East Side Pale first.  Soon after that we’ll be canning our Lights Out Stout and Kolsch.  Check out the labels.

We’re very excited to get the show on the road. Our very first purchase — even before we poured our foundation for our brewery-restaurant — was our Mother of All Craft canning lines. We selected the Vimercati because of it’s sterling record for quality.  And we’re big believers in the hop flavor preservation, recyclability, tote-ability and chill-ability benefits of cans.

But we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, enjoy your hikes, bikes, boats and floats. And imagine an ice chest, or cooler, or back pack full of Worthy’s finest canned beers waiting for you at the end of the trail.

Oh, for a listing of accounts which carry Worthy beer on draft, please click here.